What Is Samsung AR Emoji? Here is how you can use it

The internet today has tons of emojis and there are many for you to choose from. Apple changed the emoji game when the came out with animated (Animoji) and personalized (Memoji) emojis. Samsung also released their version of this feature known as “AR Emoji”. In this guide, we will explain Samsung AR Emoji and how to use it.

Apple released Animoji back in 2017 when it launched the iPhone X. As you would expect, Samsung released its version of the feature the following year when it launched the Samsung Galaxy S9 series. Samsung’s AR Emoji shares a lot of similarities with Apple’s Animoji, however, it does come with a couple of unique features of its own.

What is AR Emoji on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

AR Emoji

To put it simply, Samsung’s AR Emoji are animated avatars of whoever is in front of the camera. Samsung allows you to use these avatars to create custom emojis, stickers, and GIFs as well as share them with your friends and family. AR Emojis are more fun and come with more features and personalizations than regular emojis and stickers.

The “AR” in the name “AR Emoji” stands for “Augmented Reality”. Augmented reality is part of the whole AR Emoji experience as it comes with features that allow you to view your avatar in the real world through your phone’s lens. You can also animate these avatars by changing your facial expressions and have them applied to the avatar in real-time.

AR Emoji comes with a lot of features and it isn’t only avatars of the subject. It also allows you to wear “masks” of other characters and then animate them as you change your facial expressions. It all just provides a way to add more fun and personality to your conversations.

How to Make AR Emoji

If you would like to use AR Emoji, you, first of all, need to own a supported Samsung Galaxy device. If you do, you can proceed with the steps listed below.

First off, launch the “AR Zone” app on your Samsung Galaxy device. If your Samsung Galaxy device supports the feature, you will find the app pre-installed in your app menu.

Open Ar Zone

Once in the app, proceed to create your AR emoji. To do this, tap on the “AR Emoji Studio” option.

Tap Ar Emoji Studio.

The app allows you to create an AR Emoji from the camera or use an existing image to create one. In this guide, we will be using an image to create an AR emoji.

Select Create From Image.

Proceed to open up a photo of yourself. Once you have selected the photo, use the circle tool to select your face in the photo. After you have done this, tap on the “Done” button to proceed.

Tap Done.

In the next step, you will need to select your body type. Tap on the “Next” button to proceed.

Tap Next.

You will be presented with the AR emoji that was created based on your picture. If you are not satisfied with the look, you can adjust it a bit by going to the “Looks” tab. In this section, you can edit everything from the shape of your AR emoji’s face to the eyebrows to match your preference.

Customize Your Look.

Once you are done customizing your looks, go over to the “Style” tab and select what you would like to wear.

Customize Your Style

After you have selected your preferred clothes, tap on the “Next” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Tap Next When Done.

On the next screen, you will see the text “Your stickers are ready to share.” You can now tap on the “All Done” button to proceed.

Tap All Done.

How to Use AR Emoji

Now that we have created an AR Emoji that suits our taste and personality, we can proceed to put it to use. Go back to the AR Zone home screen and tap on the “AR Emoji Stickers” option.

Select Ar Emoji Stickers.

On this page, you can use your AR Emoji to make stickers and GIFs. Samsung already has a few pre-made reactions that you can use. You can find them at the top. Select anyone you like and you can download it to your device, set it as your contact profile picture, share it with messages, and even add it to the Always On Display.

Choose A Reaction To Share.

You should notice a “+” button at the top of the screen. This button allows you to create your own custom stickers using personalized reactions and backgrounds. After you have created them, you can save and share them just like the pre-made reactions.

Create Your Own Custom Reaction.

There are even more sticker expression packs made for you and you can find them right under the top section.

Download New Reaction Packs.

And that is pretty much all there is to stickers. The next thing we want to check out is the “AR Emoji Camera” and we can find it by going back to the AR Zone home screen.

Open Ar Emoji Camera.

In the AR Emoji Camera, you can put on an AR mask of your custom emoji and watch it move based on how you change your facial expressions in real-time. Choose an AR emoji and then take a picture.

Use Ar Emoji To Act Out.

You can also find some extra features in the bottom row such as “Mirror,” which allows you to watch the emoji mimic your movement, “Scene,” which adds a background, and “Play,” which enables you to drop the AR emoji into the real world.

Different Camera Modes.

And that is pretty much all the basic info you need to know about Samsung’s AR Emoji. You can use this feature to have a lot of fun.