WhatsApp beta for Android allows you choose 3 image quality

The news had already been announced but now the quality of the WhatsApp photos to be sent in chats can be chosen by users right at the time of forwarding the image. The function has just landed in the public beta for Android devices in its version and therefore can already be tried by those who are subscribed to the program through the Play Store.

Why a different quality for WhatsApp photos?

The function was certainly born with the very specific purpose of giving the possibility to select the type of sending of a photo, in order to save data or perhaps to send the best possible solution on special occasions. In the latter case, we speak of the HD option but it must be specified that the forwarded result will always be compressed even if to a lesser extent. The visual content will be reworked with an algorithm of its own with a compression that will maintain the original quality up to 80% (when we are in the presence of images with a resolution greater than 2048 × 2048 pixels). The difference from what is still happening today is considerable, considering that up to now it has not been possible to preserve more than 70% of the original image quality.

whatsapp beta photos options

As can also be seen in the opening image of the article, you can always choose whether to send a WhatsApp photo in the best quality, stay faithful to the automatic forwarding mode or still choose the energy-saving option, that is, the one that lowers the quality of the content to save money. the use of data. This last solution, for example, could be useful whenever you need to send a large amount of images, perhaps an entire album.

The new beta for WhatsApp photos may remain tied to the experimental version of the messaging app for some time. For the final and definitive distribution of the function, you may have to wait several weeks, as always happens for feature implementations within the service and this certainly to avoid very annoying bugs and errors.