WhatsApp – new trick to recover messages deleted by friends

WhatsApp does not allow any user to recover messages deleted, except with the help of some tricks. The application, in fact, is very advanced over time also thanks to all the opportunities offered by third-party applications, which keep popping up.

The best we’ve seen so far are all legal in nature, so no infringement of the law. Some time ago WhatsApp introduced a very interesting novelty, that is the possibility to delete messages in a posthumous way even after sending them. Right now, however, this method can be bypassed. Thanks to an application that can be downloaded from the Play Store for all users.

With this method, users can retrieve all WhatsApp messages deleted by friends in chat

If you are worried when you receive messages and find the message deleted inside the sticker, rest assured. In fact, there is a very simple method to get around this feature of WhatsApp, and it will only need to download a free application.

This is called WAMR, which allows you to trace messages even after they have been deleted. It will be enough to download the application from the portal, and then simply start it. Giving space to the latter for a background execution, users will then be able to search through the recorded notifications for the deleted message. So after this solution, even those who have secrets to hide should be careful about what they delete.

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