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Why Apple Homepod is Discontinued

For some reason, you will no longer see the large Homepods from Apple again. The company launched the product with high expectations just a few years ago. When the HomePod was launched, it was in the spotlight then. It wasn’t a surprise, for anything coming from Apple had to be of high quality. The company also said it was the best because of the better quality of the audio and some other features.

The Apple HomePod was expensive when compared to other products of its kind. That appeared to be its greatest undoing.

Apple announced a few days ago that the HomePod will no longer be produced. TechCrunch got a statement that said the company will continue to sell the stock while it lasts. That has been its original hi-fi smart speaker. Apple even offered to support it through software updates, while services will be done through Apple Care.

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However, the discontinuation only applies to the larger model HomePod model. The HomePod mini, which is separate, will continue to sell, says Apple. It appears that the HomePod mini proved to be a winner through good pricing that makes sense among buyers.

In this way, probably, users decided to pick a product with good pricing, smart, and attractive, while they were willing to forego audio quality. However, if the large HomePod is your thing and you still haven’t purchased it yet, now is the time to do so before it runs out of stock.

The discontinued product has its own share of fans because it is the most sophisticated speaker that Apple ever made. But it just never broke out into the mainstream in such a way that the smaller, more compact smart speaker did. Other smaller speakers from Amazon and Google are successful too.

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The reasons why the large HomePod is failing are said to be the high price tag, the not-so-good quality as Apple revealed, and its limited streaming support.

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