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Why Banking with Access/Diamond Bank Nigeria Is Unsafe – Opinion Piece

Are you looking for a Bank with the worst customer care service or a problematic one with a system that is out of order? Then don’t look any further, Access/Diamond Bank Nigeria is the answer to your quest. Ho! Pardon me for the typo; Diamond Bank was doing incredibly great before the merging with Access Bank. Although, there are many other banks in Nigeria that are bad too, but Access Bank is ranked as their cheerleader. Banking with Access Bank is like skydiving with a faulty Parachute.

There have been too many complaints about this Bank lately. Without much ado, let me dive into telling you guys my experience so far with the bank.

There have been many bad reviews about Access bank, and I am one of the victims. Dating back to the last few months, a fund that was supposed to be received into my domiciliary account was held for over three weeks. I made several calls, DMs on Twitter and Facebook, sent countless emails and even head over to their headquarters on the Island when I got tired of the bank, but still, I was told to wait more days before I finally got the payment after having wasted thousands of naira talking to their call centers.

Few more days after the end of their previous dramas, as if that wasn’t enough, I was debited for a failed transaction via Quickteller as I tried making a data subscription on my nTel SIM; this was on the 18th of last month. I contacted them on the phone, sent emails that are yet to be responded to, and even went to branches near me to complain, but no solution till this moment. I keep getting SMS messages saying they are going to make a refund while nothing is done still.

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Right now, on their Facebook fan page, there are thousands of negative reviews of people having similar issues (and about 10% are positive reviews published a long time ago)- most of these reviews are not responded to. In fact, my last message is yet to be addressed, thereby making me see Access Bank as one unserious bank that takes their customers’ complains for granted.

In addition to my other experience with Access Bank, just this morning, I received three N150 reversal credit alerts from the bank (N450 in total) that I was not aware of when I was debited. Does this mean they have been doing that without me noticing?

Another notable thing is their non-functioning livechat that has been there for so long; I mean, why put up a feature that is not working on your official website? Trust me; you can go days waiting to be attended to here. With all the money they are making, why not set up a proper functioning website?

Below are complaints made by close friends:

I finally gave up on Nigerian banks.

Diamond(Access) has been giving me a lot of headaches for several days now and are causing me to loose a lot of businesses both online and offline.

I find it very tough to send money using mobile app, I can’t even use USSD (imagine!)

Telling me “An error occurred, please check your account balance before initiating another transaction” even when I have enough funds to transact on? (Stupidity and Craziness)

I thought this will stop after few hours or few days until it kept repeating day by day.

I finally made up my mind to open a new account with UBA bank today. (New Life?)

Do you know the most surprising thing?

On getting to the bank I met some people outside and thought they came to use the atm machine, unknowingly to me that they have been waiting for several minutes outside the bank due to GENERATOR fault.

They can’t go in either, those inside are coming out.

I joined the queue and waited for minutes too but the GEN is still yet to work (rubbish).

My question is that, how can a whole UBA be using only one GEN (Stingyness)

I was there when a guy said a woman was entering into Wema bank and was inside the door when their GEN switched off. (You want to laugh? Read on)

The woman was stucked inside the door for 2hours before the GEN started working. The guy said the woman was sweating like SHE goat.??
(Do you know the heat can kill the woman?)
Bank for enter Gbese be that o!

Omo, I quickly zoom off to my house Jeje.

UBA just loosed a customer and I don’t even know about those outside too.

My bank is useless and the alternative is useless too.

Is this how useless Nigerian banks are?

We are in hot pepper soup in this country.

May Jehovah help us.

A lot of people are crying daily; some are stranded because of Access Bank, while some cant access their accounts with the thousands of naira in them.

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To see more latest complaints about this bank, check #AccessBank tag HERE on Twitter.

Lastly, the bank keeps frustrating customers with upgrade which should have been done overnight; now, almost all app users are unable to login or even make use of the USSD code for transactions.

With all the above experiences, are you still thinking of opening an account with Access Bank today? I guess not.

I hope prospective customers won’t fall prey to this godforsaken bank because right now, I cant wait to get my refund and close all accounts with Access Bank. Have you also been poorly treated by Access Bank? Please share your experience(s) with TechVaz in the comment section below.

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Okay… Finally got my reversal back after filing a report against Access Bank to [email protected]g and submitting a form.

If you too have been having an issue with your bank and it has not been resolved after 2 weeks, kindly follow the necessary steps to make it fast.

Learn How To Make A Complaint Against Any Bank To Higher Authority In Nigeria via this article.

4 thoughts on “Why Banking with Access/Diamond Bank Nigeria Is Unsafe – Opinion Piece”

  1. Hi Bro,

    While I really suffered more than you did with their many frustrating misdemeanors, I (being one that does large database migration from time to time) understands how complicated stuff like this can be.

    I believe it’s an issue arising from them trying to harmonize the two banks. If you’ve done a lot with database you’d understand how complicated stuff like this can be.

    First, you’d need to work on customers with multiple accounts on both banks and then those with conflicting names/usernames in their online platform, etc.

    While I’m not trying to absorb them of blames, I’m hoping that they fix these issues soonest. No matter how soon they fix it though, it can never be like the true DIAMOND I know. I still miss them till tomorrow, especially their same-day international payment processing, etc.

  2. I read about you having 150 naira been reversed thrice into your account, about a week ago i received 5k reversal alert, till now i don’t know when the money left my account and i have cross checked my account statement but can not even understand.
    Till today, for over a year, i have made complains about their service in Abuja, Sokoto, Ibadan and Ogun state over the wrong transaction that i did through their bank.
    Although i made a mistake for sending to a wrong account but the account is within access and they can’t be of help.
    Recently they sent me a message on twitter to get a court order because of 32k, imagine, how much will i use to get that for 32k refund. (Need someone to help me on this)

  3. It’s a pity Access bank has carried their “witchcraft” over to diamond bank that was peaceful. Of recent, wen’t to my bank (formerly diamond) because I couldn’t make a withdrawal as I was trying to empty the account. Complained to the customer care lady, and she told me the accounts are being migrated from the back-end (without my notice), and now, I have to leave 5K in the account.

    I don’t operate a current account for Christ’s sake. If I wanted 5K in my account every time, I know what to open. Whoever is in charge of things at access bank “honestly” thinks with his/her anus.


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