Why did the blue check mark disappear in WhatsApp audios?

Even if you removed the ‘Read receipt’, the blue microphone appeared in the audios if you listened to the note. But everything has changed and now… Why doesn’t it appear in the WhatsApp audio notes? We explain it to you below.

One of the problems that most worries users within WhatsApp is everything related to privacy management. If you are one of those people who do not want to let people know whether or not you have read the text messages you receive, you may have read receipts disabled.

This deactivation of the read receipt means that your contacts do not know whether or not you have read the text of the message and when you did. This is all related to text messages because it cannot be turned off in audio notes.

In audios, the blue check mark appears if you’ve heard the note regardless of whether you have the option disabled or not. But everything has changed and now the blue check mark does not appear in the WhatsApp audio notes. We explain the reason below.


As reported by TuexpertoApps, WhatsApp continues to work on changes that improve the application for the different devices it works on. With the latest platform update, the blue double check in audio notes is no longer shown if you have read receipts disabled.

That is, if your contact has activated ‘read receipts’, you will know when they have heard the audio note because it will be indicated by the blue check mark. If you have them disabled, nothing will appear. This change is available with version 2.21.4.

Finally, it should be noted that the microphone will turn blue if all members of a group have heard the audio note, regardless of whether they have read the confirmation or not.


To remove the read receipt in WhatsApp on your Android device you have to open the application and click on the three dots that appear at the top right. Within the settings, you have to go to “Privacy” and look for the section where it says “read receipts”. Once there, swipe the circle to the left to turn it off.