Why you don’t have to close apps on iPhone

Iphone Apps
Iphone Apps

You never learn enough with iPhone, and if lately you are experiencing a higher battery consumption than usual, then perhaps this “trick” is exactly for you. And maybe the problem is your habit of constantly closing all open apps.

In fact, I advise you not to close the apps on the iPhone, and in this #shorts video above I show you why sometimes the battery of your iPhone does not last long if you keep closing all the applications in the background!

Don’t close apps on iPhone

The question is simple- many people leave many apps open in the background and think they can free up RAM or lighten the workload of the smartphone by going to close them.

This reasoning is wrong, and this could be one of the reasons why your iPhone battery lasts less. And now I’ll explain why!

When apps are put in the background, they are useful for multitasking – that is, to quickly switch between apps – but the fact that they are among the ” recent apps ” does not mean that they are actually open.

Yes, “recent apps” only means that these apps are among the last ones you have used and it does not mean that they are all open in the background consuming resources, quite the contrary.

Closing apps on the iPhone is an operation that requires – albeit minimally – an effort for the smartphone. And an extra effort is required when you reopen them, consuming the battery of your smartphone.

Obviously, this reasoning becomes important when you perform this operation many times during the day, and then the smartphone is forced to close/reopen dozens and dozens of apps, inevitably consuming battery.

Our advice

Our advice is, therefore, to leave in multitasking at least all those apps that you usually use constantly (I don’t know for example Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Internet, and so on) because precisely those apps are opened dozens of times during the day.

The rest, which you open only infrequently, can be deleted from the “recent apps” by swiping upwards (if it really bothers you to keep them there). And with this little trick, we assure you that your iPhone will thank you with slightly less battery consumption.

Apple says this too because obviously the apps are loaded into RAM and remain ready for use, instead of being closed/reopened all the time.


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