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Wileyfox phones will be on sale again, and guarantees will be respected

Wilefox was a British manufacturer of mobile phones that had more than one exciting bet, in addition to that it added to the scant list of supports that Firefox OS had on the market. Unfortunately, the competition wreaked havoc, and finally the British were in suspension of payments and, finally, insolvency administration in February 2018.

The brand then left behind the suspicion that the phones in circulation were unprotected entirely, with no one to take charge of their reparation guarantees, because everything related to updating them was considered lost. But now Wileyfox is back, though through a second company that has licensed the brand.

STK takes the controls

Effectively, Wileyfox continues with its process to deal with payments to suppliers, but STK has achieved the exploitation concession of the brand. So just as in TCL they manufacture and distribute phones from BlackBerry and Alcatel, in STK they will be dedicated to commercializing the future phones of Wileyfox that seems that they will arrive this year.

But not only that, since STK will also take care of the guarantees of the current devices, which will continue to have the same validity, and also the process of updating them. In fact, the Wileyfox Swift 2, Swift 2 Plus and Swift 2 X will not only be on sale again but will receive Android 8.1 Oreo within approximately three weeks from yesterday, March 19, date in the that the news was known.

“Wileyfox was playing at a slightly higher price and had a stronger online presence [than STK]. The merger of the two companies allows us to be even stronger online … as well as significantly improve our production channels; sales reach and customer service ” – Henri Salameh, Commercial Director of STK

In the process of adopting the new brand, STK will use it to add part of the software that it already uses in the phones that it currently manufactures. This includes incorporating the STKCare software into the new Wileyfox, a support chat for users of the brand that runs continuously and allows them, among other things, to request a repair.

Thus, the Wileyfox brand will have a new home after the collapse of its parent company. We still do not know if the new devices that are expected to launch this year will arrive in Spain or if the first batch will remain in the UK until further notice. There will be time to learn more about the brand. Welcome back.

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  1. That’s good news for Wileyfox users too, since STK will still honour warranties that are still in date, to ensuring that you have the support you need if your phone develops a fault.


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