Xiaomi launches wireless iron for an unbeatable price

xiaomi cordless iron
xiaomi cordless iron

Xiaomi does not stop surprising us with every launch. The latest one is a wireless iron, which has just been launched in China for 199 Yuan. To get a sense, we are talking about a product that in direct exchange will cost you less than 27 euros.

Mi Cordless Steam Iron is, as its name implies, a wireless iron. With the Xiaomi quality seal, this comes with an adjustable mechanism, a charging cradle and a switch for you to use wirelessly.

Although there are several wireless irons on the market, the unbeatable price and the Xiaomi quality seal should guarantee you good sales. This arrives with a power of up to 2000W. You can use it in high speed, low speed, and dry mode.

Mi Cordless Steam Iron comes with charging station

Its reservoir has 280ml, which for an iron of this kind is more than enough. In addition, Xiaomi offers the charging station that you can pick up just by pressing a button.

This will store heat for two minutes after being removed from the charging station. Additionally, it can preheat in a fast 35 seconds. Its base is quite resistant, being of aluminum and ceramics fused from above.

This steam iron supports heating up to 200 °. Given its price allied to design, this is the iron you will want if you want efficiency for a low price. Without wires and without complications, this will help you put aside the vicissitudes of your clothes.


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