Xiaomi Patents Futuristic Smartphone Camera

Xiaomis Future Smartphone With Under Display Camera Looks Fantastic
Xiaomis Future Smartphone With Under Display Camera Looks Fantastic

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has clearly led the way in smartphone innovations in the past. Of course, it will do more in that direction, as a new report shows that the company released a patent for a smartphone with a futuristic under-screen flip camera.

Xiaomi has just introduced the Mi 11 Ultra and the Mi Mix Fold foldable smartphone. The company is still showing to the world that when business climates change, it can adapt. This, it is doing with the news of its quad-curved display and under-screen camera.

The under-screen camera technology is not exclusive to Xiaomi. It is just that the company will be remembered as one of the few pioneers of the camera. To take things further, the company is also contemplating implementing a rotating under-screen camera. This is the latest bit of news gleaned from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Xiaomi Under Display Camera
Xiaomi Under Display Camera

The patent for this technology has been supplied for about a year but the full information is just reaching the general public in 2022. It promises innovations and describes how Xiaomi plans to integrate an internally rotating camera into a smartphone.

The patented Xiaomi smartphone also features an under-display selfie camera. The company has often featured this technology and claims to be the third in fostering this tech. in view of this, Xiaomi announced that the first of the under-screen camera smartphones will be released later in 2022. It has one surprise for fans- the camera placed under the screen will also rotate.

How does it work? It is said that a flip camera module is placed at the rear of the device screen, coupled with at least one camera lens. By default, the camera will face the rear but it is a part of a larger camera system that includes other lenses. While other lenses point to the rear at all times, this camera lens can rotate to the rear or to the front.

In the past, Xiaomi equipped several models with a pop-up camera. Now, it is time to do something different.


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