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Youtube Vance – The app that Google does not want you to know

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Youtube Vance is the YouTube application with steroids. It’s the best way I can describe this app. An application that is not really beneficial to Google because it gives us possibilities that Google’s “normal” YouTube does not offer.

So it goes without saying that you will not find it on the Google Play Store (it does not work on Apple). That is, the application gives us everything we have in the Google App and a little more.

Youtube Vance offers us the possibility to minimize the video while we do other tasks on the smartphone or we have the possibility to listen to the music only when ignoring the video. In fact, Youtube Vance gives us the possibility to repeat the same song or even disable the ads.

Google should implement some of the features of Youtube Vance in your application

However, as far as advertising is concerned, it is important that you understand that this is one of the few ways your favorite content creators can make YouTube a way of life.

That way, you also have the possibility in the definitions to activate these same ads. That is, you will have more features than the Youtube application and continue to help your favorite Youtuber.

However, it’s important to note that in order to make the application work with your Google account you will need to install two applications. The application of Youtube Vance and another that will bridge the gap between Vance and your Google account.

First, download the Youtube Vance application in the icon below. If you’re here long after January 2019, confirm that there are newer versions of the application here.

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Download the App here

Then you need to install the application that will allow you to connect your Google account. Note that you can already use YouTube Vance without this second “bridge”. The only thing you can not do is subscribe channels, give tastes and make comments.

So, just as you installed the other application, it also installs the one that unites the two. Just like here, confirm here that there are no more recent versions of the app if you got here after January 2019. You do not need to have Root on your smartphone. However, if you have root it happens here because the App is different.

(MicroG) Supplement to install to connect your account

All apps are hosted on Google Drive. Just click download and install.

In short, after everything installed is ready to use. Let’s just hope Google makes some of these official features on the Youtube App.

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