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Our product reviews are based on our opinion and do not contain an element of prejudice. Our review products include tablets, smartphones, mobile accessories, PCs and peripherals, Smartwatches, Drones, speakers, gaming consoles, TVs, VRs, and other electronic gadgets. However, we take product reviews seriously because our audience’s money and time are important to us when deciding which product to purchase and the best store to buy it from.

Our reviews are based on reporting facts that can, however, contain some factual inaccuracies. In such a case, we will make fundamental changes and identify the new update at the bottom of such a review. Not only do we pursue our media business with integrity, but excellence also backs it.

Review articles on TechVaz are not written as promotional content. If you want promotional content, we have a section for that, and such content will have a tag showing it is a promoted or content-partners post.

Products presented to us as a review copy will automatically become the property of TechVaz after the review article has gone live. Under no circumstances should the brand request for it to be sent back.

Our Stars & Score Rating

5 review starsExcellent (5): The full rating star is a great review score. It is usually rare to see gadgets or hardware have a full star rating. Unless we are amazed by the device or hardware under consideration, it will surely get the full stars. A wow feature on the phone can turn out to be a joke tomorrow.

4 review starsGreat (4): Products rated with four stars are great ones worth buying at the time of release. Anything in this range qualifies as a must-have.

3 review starsAbove Average (3): Anything in this range is generally for products with low-end quality and those with minimal weaknesses.

2 review starsBad (2): This range is typically for products with visible faults. Products in this range have glaring flaws, and the weaknesses outweigh the strengths.

1 review stars Terrible (1): We recommend purchasing products under this range at the owner’s risk.

Disclaimer: As we said earlier, our reviews are based only on the facts and opinions of the reviewer; we do not add or subtract. We strive for the highest level of integrity in the tech blogging community.

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    last updated: 12/08/22