Yeedi Vac Max Review: a Self-Cleaning 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop Robot

Today, there are myriads of the latest generation vacuum cleaner robots on the traditional and online market. These are technologically advanced devices equipped with the so-called AI (Artificial Intelligence).

These small robots are, in fact, able to clean any room in the house with the utmost precision and without knowing obstacles. When was the last time you cleaned your rooms? What did you use? By now, we have all become tech-addicted, and the answer to these questions is more or less always the same.

Those who are not always at home and need to keep the house clean can rely on one of these latest products. You can find them from almost every brand, boasting truly exceptional notoriety. Not all of these devices, however, are valid from a performance point of view. With the advancement of technology, in fact, it becomes increasingly difficult to amaze and convince users to buy a vacuum cleaner valid from a technical point of view. This is why various companies, including Yeedi, are moving in this direction, trying to propose something that can attract potential new customers.

If you are like me that the weekend is the only time you get a break to clean your rooms, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could do that anytime, even while working or away from home, without putting in any effort or time? We’re lucky in a way to be in a rapidly changing world where you can get everything at your fingertips.

Yeedi Vac Max Logo
Yeedi Vac Max Logo

In this regard, the Yeedi Vac Max robot is worth mentioning, which is another version of the famous robot of the homonymous brand that sucks and mops on its own and stands out from many others for a series of features and functions. Unlike other models, even the most recent, this intelligent robot vacuum cleaner model is equipped with Visual SLAM. This relatively advanced technology makes it one of the most innovative products on the market.

The Yeedi Vac Max Robot Vacuum is finally here, and this is its ultimate review. I have been testing this new Yeedi Vac Max for over two weeks now. I will tell you where this intelligent vacuum has done pretty well and where it has failed.

Its price is placed below the $400 range, and before the end of this review, there is a coupon just for you to save up to $100 when buying one. They come at a price, and the cheap ones don’t get the job done, or they get stuck. With the Yeedi Vac Max, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s affordable and gets the job done, but does it have good features?

How does Yeedi Vac Max behave in daily life? Here’s what you need to know about this versatile and intelligent latest generation vacuum cleaner.


We are dealing with a rather voluminous product, so the packaging is quite large with a dimension measuring 15.8″x5.0″x18.7″ and weighing just 11.5lb. Also, in addition to the robot vacuum cleaner, we also have additional accessories. Classic and quite complete. Inside we have:

Yeedi Vac Max Package
Yeedi Vac Max Package
  • 1x robot
  • 1x rotating side brush
  • The charging base with the wire
  • 1x water tank with pad plate (attached with a washable mopping pad)
  • 5x disposable mopping floor pads
  • 1x Tool for cutting threads and hair
  • Quick start guide booklet and Warranty card
Yeedi Vac Max Unboxed
Yeedi Vac Max Unboxed

Spec Sheet

Motor Manufacturer Yeedi-Robotics
Max Suction Power 3000Pa
Navigation Camera mapping+VSLAM
Zone cleaning & no-go zones, selective cleaning YES
Control Methods Yeedi App, Alexa, and Google Assistant
Map Real-time mapping
Self-Empty Compatible with yeedi Self-Empty Station
Battery Life 200 mins Runtime
Dustbin Capacity 430ML
Water tank Capacity 240ML
Yeedi Vac Max Contents
Yeedi Vac Max Contents

Design & Materials

The Vac Max is compact, heavy, and looks very robust. It has a dimension of 13.5×13.5×2.9inches and weighs just 5.4kg. Aesthetically we are dealing with a product almost identical to the competition; the design is classic for a Yeedi product: round and without laser, allowing it to be lower than its competitors (it is only 2.9inches tall).

Yeedi Vac Max Vents
Yeedi Vac Max Vents

When we consider the design aspect of the robot vacuum cleaner, I would say that it is minimalist. When I first got my hands on the Yeedi Vac Max, I loved the simplicity of it. It has a circular body in opaque white finishes, entirely made of polycarbonate, very useful to make the dust that accumulates on its surface less evident. The white finish is charming and gets less dirty than any black vacuum cleaner.

Yeedi Vac Max Under Hood
Yeedi Vac Max Under Hood

The Yeedi Vac Max has a camera on the top for easy mapping of your house. It has a stylish charger that doesn’t occupy too much space. Therefore, in the Yeedi Vac Max review, I can say that it looks elegant with a simple look.

In the lower part, we find a single side brush on the right, the two classic rubber wheels (overcoming obstacles up to 2cm), and a central suction nozzle not too large but still sufficient to suck up the dirt (clearly removable to be cleaned). There are also two charging contacts, six anti-fall sensors, a surface detection sensor, and the roller brush placed centrally. The latter, among other things, can be easily removed from its seat. There is also a Reset button on the right.

Obviously, there are six anti-fall sensors. Thanks to these fall sensors, you will not risk the robot being thrown off a step or balcony. But fear not, small steps or differences in height are easily overcome even by a machine of this type, which by means of the excursion of its two main wheels can overcome almost any obstacle.

Yeedi Vac Max Collision Sensor
Yeedi Vac Max Collision Sensor

Beyond that, however, the Yeedi Vac Max showed itself quite solid and well done, with no flaws or noteworthy design problems. Let’s say that everything that stands out on an aesthetic level is almost exclusively dedicated to the navigation system of the product. From this point of view, in fact, we see how only on the front present well the infrared sensor, all exploited to allow the robot to orient itself and move in complete autonomy.

Under the top lid, as usual, there is the 430ml dirt container with its washable filter.

The water tank container is just 240ml, a value in line with the competition but not particularly generous (many products reach 300ml today). It must be attached to the back and the cloth for mopping the floors (washable too).

Yeedi Vac Max Water Tank With Mop Pad
Yeedi Vac Max Water Tank With Mop Pad

Even if NOT present in the package, I point out that this model is compatible with the Yeedi self-emptying station.

Getting Started with the Yeedi Vac Max

Before starting using the Yeedi Vac Max, you have to install the app and assemble the vacuum robot. You won’t have any problem understanding how to use this app since you can switch to your preferred language from the 15 available options. Also, you can change the robot’s language; both are done quickly.

Yeedi Vac Max App 05
Yeedi Vac Max App Languages

Basically, you only have to remove two transport locks during assembly, attach or insert the rotating side brush and pull off protective films under the hood.

Yeedi Vac Max Under Hood
Yeedi Vac Max Under Hood

To stand out from the crowd, this Yeedi Vac Max relies on a lot of suction power; with the specified suction strength of 3000Pa (most robotic vacuum cleaners are closer to 2000Pa), it sounds like it was made for our household with four cats and a dog, all of whom are diligently shedding their hair, and an original surface camera system (which replaces the laser) that allows it to orient itself in space and map the home environment in real-time.

Will these two features be enough to beat the competition?

Motor and Power

The suction power of the Yeedi Vac Max has caught all of us off-guard. It has 3,000Pa suction power which is extraordinary and sets it apart from other robot vacuums. There are three suction modes. While cleaning tiles or carpets, it uses the lowest suction power, but when it detects a rug and mat with its intelligent system, it automatically boosts the pressure to clean them effectively. I tested it out to see if it does a good job. It’s awe-inspiring to see how well the robot vacuum does its job. With high suction power and a boost in pressure, it successfully got rid of most of the dirt from the rug and floors. Thus, I can say that it does an incredible job on tiles and carpets and is also perfect for cleaning pets’ hair.

For pet owners, I’ve got some good news for you; it’s pet-friendly. You can Sweep and Mop as well, so it’s a 2-in-1 cleaner. While it doesn’t leave your floor spotless while mopping, it does a great job of cleaning your floors mildly.

Vacuum & Mop

The cleaning performance is a major factor in the Yeedi Vac Max review. There are three vacuum modes; the Standard, Max, and the Max+ mode. You can adjust these modes depending on how dirty the floor is. Even with the default standard suction mode, the Yeedi Vac Max still does an excellent job clearing hard floors full of pet hair, crumbs, and dirt. It can even effectively remove larger debris that some vacuums would push around or throw out of the way.

The 430ml dirt container could last about 60 days when using the robot every day. It depends on the amount of dirt on the floor and the surface involved: when the robot encounters a carpet, for example, the suction power automatically increases, and much more dirt is captured. I must say, therefore, that in this respect, Yeedi Vac Max met the expectations, managing to guarantee a truly excellent cleaning at maximum power.

There are four water flow levels for different floors, including wooden, cement, and tile floors. It can clean up to 230 sq. meters on a single charge, but the 240ml of water in its tray is just enough for a 100sqm floor. If you have a larger house, you need to top up the water while cleaning. The sensor allows it to detect and cross obstacles up to 20m. I did notice that if it accidentally hits the wall slightly, it redirects without causing any dent.

Yeedi Vac Max App 03
Yeedi Vac Max App 03

To use the mop feature, you have to fill the 240ml water tank with water, and you can even add a little amount of antiseptic or fragrance, then attach the mopping pad that came with it. The robot automatically recognizes that the pad is installed correctly and switches to the mop mode.

Yeedi Vac Max App 06
Yeedi Vac Max App 06

The most interesting part of the mop feature is that rugs and mats are automatically avoided when mopping using its advanced carpet detection sensor to recognize your carpet or rugs smartly; the robot would roll over a rug or mat just to the point where the mop pad was about to touch the edge then back off. So you can always let Yeedi loose on cleaning your whole floor without worrying about getting your carpet and rugs wet. This is super handy as I have some areas in my house with rugs, and I would hate to collect them before each mopping session. A lifesaver!

Yeedi Vac Max Surface Sensor
Yeedi Vac Max Surface Sensor

Washing the floors is also not bad, although we must remember, as always, that in reality, the robot does nothing but drag a damp cloth on the floor to remove dirt and surface stains.

While some obstacle sometimes traps the wheels of unwary robots, the Yeedi vacuum carefully edged around it. While vacuuming, this robot can cross the strip of wood at the bottom of doorways where rooms connect – of up to 2 centimeters (0.8 inches).

Other Functionalities

The floor tracking system is also very accurate and offers good house mapping; this helps make cleaning more efficient. In any case, it is possible to set up virtual barriers and customize the house map as needed.

Overall, it’s effective at cleaning, and noise reduction provides a better user experience. I honestly dread the noise that robot vacuums make, but that’s not the case with the Yeedi Vac Max.

Luckily, the level of silence at maximum speed is as low as 65.8 dB(A) when using the standard suction power in the Yeedi Vac Max, and it was evident while cleaning. I could say that the Vac Max does an amazing job of providing users with a great experience.

The Yeedi Vac Max drives precisely to the supplied docking station to recharge. There is a creative cable organizer at the back of the charging dock where you can cleanly reel your long charging cable onto.

Yeedi Vac Max Charge Dock Cable Management
Yeedi Vac Max Charge Dock Cable Management

The charging dock has several infrared sensors, always in communication with the robot, two charging pins identical to those found on the robot itself. These sensors make the robot locate its base. One issue I faced while using the robot is that sometimes when it is through with cleaning and ready to return to its base to recharge, the robot began to wander around the house, looking for no one knows what as if the device was desperately searching for the charging base. I was forced to either help carry it to its dock manually or use the app to return it to charge. This occurs on occasions, maybe because of the hidden location of the dock in my small living room.

Yeedi Vac Max Charge Dock
Yeedi Vac Max Charge Dock


It comes enhanced with a 5200mAh battery, large enough to ensure complete cleaning even in large homes, and recharging takes place efficiently, thanks to the dock contained in the package. The battery can juice the device non-stop for 200 minutes before returning to the charging dock to suck more juice.

Here it depends on how you use the robot. I would like to clarify one thing: I have never used it at maximum power but always on standard power mode, so an area of about 100 square meters will be cleaned completely without the battery running out of power. This always takes into account the various obstacles present in the house and the fact that not all areas, due to size issues and furniture, are accessible for the robot.

Manual Emptying

The Yeedi Vac Max is not equipped with the self-emptying container; only the Yeedi Vac Station does, but the Vac Max can be upgraded to use the self-emptying function and turn it into a Yeedi Vac Station by ordering the $179 self-emptying station with disposable dust bags.

Yeedi Vac Max
Yeedi Vac Max

Without the self-emptying bin, you need to manually empty the 430ml dust container installed in the vacuum robot every time it gets filled up. Considering the small space I live in, I emptied the container after a week of intense cleaning.

APP Integration: Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant

Yeedi Vac Max App 07
Yeedi Vac Max App

This Yeedi Vac Max supports some external platforms for maximum comfort. In fact, the user can choose to use the application available for iOS and Android or take advantage of the integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. In short, there is practically everything you need. I find the hands-free experience convenient.

Yeedi With Alexa And Google Map
Yeedi With Alexa And Google Map

The App integration is also an essential aspect in the Yeedi Vac Max. Without the app, you miss out on the wonderful features that it offers. The Yeedi App is compatible with any smartphone that runs on iOS and Android OS. One turn-off about the app is that it allows managing just one map.

Google Home With Yeedi Vac Max App
Google Home With Yeedi Vac Max App

With the app, you could schedule a time for cleaning. The schedule time could be repeated or just once. It would perform its job even when you’re not at home. You could specify it to clean all the rooms or a certain area. The app allows you to label and customize your map areas so that the robot vacuum clean only those areas. There is an option to select virtual boundaries (no-go zones) while cleaning to ensure that the robot does not touch certain areas. I found the app useful and user-friendly.

Yeedi Vac Max App 08
Yeedi Vac Max App 08

After successful installation, the app explains which steps to take to configure the Vac Max and which functions can be used.

I just need to write down a little malfunction in the app. It happened that during the app usage, your phone screen is set to always on.

Intelligent Feature

SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) systems determine the orientation and position of a robot by creating a map of their environment while simultaneously tracking where the robot is within that environment. The most common SLAM systems rely on optical sensors, the top two being visual SLAM (VSLAM, based on a camera) or LiDAR-based (Light Detection and Ranging), using 2D or 3D LiDAR scanners.

The Yeedi Vac Max is equipped with VSLAM smart algorithm offered by the sensor + upper camera combo. With the algorithm, it can create a map efficiently. It can keep the map in memory and recognize rooms that were already cleaned. There are 13 sensors, including anti-collision and anti-fall. There is a wall sensor to optimize efficiency in cleaning edges and corners.


  • 3,000Pa suction for powerful cleaning
  • Smart mopping technology automatically avoids carpet and rugs
  • It can vacuum and mop at the same time
  • Intelligent mapping creates interactive floor plans for customized cleaning
  • *Dustbin automatically empties after each use (applicable only to the Yeedi Vac Station)
  • Can set schedules, do not disturb, and other useful functions
  • You can monitor accessories usage from the app
  • The user gets notified when the robot gets stuck
  • App has 15 different languages


  • Won’t charge when not turned on
  • You can only map one level of your home
  • Lacks many higher-level features, including object avoidance AI
  • Phone app leaves a lot to be desired

Bottom Line

The Vac Max by Yeedi has been quite impressive with my daily use. I was skeptical about the suction power, but the Yeedi Vac Max has proved me wrong and offered a great overall experience. Furthermore, the price is quite a deal-breaker for this brilliant Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

It is a great helper for everyday cleaning: this Yeedi Vac Max offers power, versatility, and many control options via apps and voice assistants. Good battery life as well as pleasant white finish. I highly recommend it for someone with kids or a pet.

You can save up0 to $100 when ordering the Yeedi Vac Max Robot Vacuum. So, instead of buying at $399.99, you will get it for $299.99 (Saving $80.00 + $20.00). You have to add this coupon code before payment: VACMAXYTB.

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