The best Philips televisions for 2024

The best Philips TVs by price range: Philips is one of the most important television manufacturers in the world. This time of year is ideal for buying a Philips TV, because there are many discounts and lots of offers for models that have been launched this year, and we’re going to help you choose this complete price range compilation.

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Let’s take a look at the best Philips televisions for 2019. We’ve organized them by price range, so it’s easier for you to find the ones that best suit your needs. The Philips TV range is one of the largest on the market, with dozens of models covering all prices. There’s a Philips TV for everyone, and that’s what we’ll try to find out with this selection of the best Philips TVs by price range.

Philips is one of the most experienced TV production brands. This experience is reflected in the highest quality products that incorporate the latest innovations in image processing and performance.

Philips Smart TV has the best market price and offers excellent performance at an attractive price. We offer you a selection with some of the most interesting Philips brand televisions sorted by price range. In this selection, you will find from the cheapest TVs for less than 200 euros, to high-end OLED TVs.

One of the main attractions of Philips models is that many of them include an exclusive backlighting system that changes color depending on the content that is displayed on the screen, creating a much more immersive atmosphere when watching television in the dark or in low light.

Philips TVs less than 200 euros

Philips 32PHT4503 / 12

Among the cheapest televisions you can find on the market today we talk about the Philips 32PHT4503 that you can buy for around 179 euros. This is probably one of the cheapest televisions that can be found on the market and that, however, offers some amazing features.

Philips 32PHT4503

With a 32-inch LED screen and an HD resolution it is more than enough to use it as a secondary TV for the kitchen or any other room since this resolution is more than enough to watch the DTT’s HD channels.

It also includes a pair of 5-watt speakers that offers surround sound and has all the necessary connectors, including a USB port that can play video content directly from an external source.

Philips 32PHT4112

With specifications very similar to those offered by the cheapest Philips TV. We found the Philips 32PHT4112 for around 194.81 euros on Amazon.

This model also offers excellent value for money because it integrates a 32-inch LED panel with HD resolution and a Digital Crystal Clear image engine that improves the contrast and sharpness of the images it shows.

Philips 32PHT4112

The sound power of this model is augmented by two 8-watt speakers that allow you to virtualize surround sound with bass control. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Philips TVs in this price range.

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Philips TVs for less than 600 euros

Philips 43PFT5503

Philips 43PFT5503

One of these cheap TVs that can be purchased for less than 300 euros is the Philips 43PFT5503 which you can currently find for around 295 euros.

The LED panel of this model already makes a qualitative leap and offers a screen size of 43 inches with a Full HD resolution supported by Philips’ exclusive Pixel Plus HD engine with which image quality is improved by adjusting sharpness and contrast thanks to the use of the Micro Dimming technology with which the darker parts of the scene are attenuated to give more visibility to the light ones that reinforce the blacks.

While not having an Internet connection or an integrated Smart TV platform, it has good connectivity including two HDMI ports, a USB and digital audio and video outputs.

Philips 55PUS6272

The next television of less than 600 euros that we want to recommend represents the great evolution that television has had in terms of value for money over the last two years.

This is the Philips 55PUS6272 at 4K UHD TV of less than 600 euros offering features that until recently could only be found in the high range, and all for around 569 euros. This 55-inch LED TV offers everything you expect to find on a mid-range TV, but with an incredible price.

With a 4K UHD and HDR Plus resolution, the Philips 55PUS6272 integrates a quad-core processor that improves the quality of the images it displays, providing a substantial improvement in color intensity and image sharpness and contrast.

This improvement in image quality is possible thanks to the Pixel Plus Ultra HD processing engine which is responsible for showing smoother, clearer images when showing action scenes or sporting events.

In addition, it includes the Philips Ambilight backlight system on three sides, which allows you to project the ambient light that changes according to the content displayed on the screen. Its narrow front frames in combination with the Ambilight system create the feeling that the content exceeds the limits of the screen.

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Philips televisions of less than 1,200 euros

Philips 55PUS6703

We have opened this price range with the Philips 55PUS6703, a television with a 55-inch diagonal, very balanced in its features and already fully committed to 4K UHD as a native resolution, placing itself in a privileged position if you are looking for a Philips TV economic and with good characteristics since its price is 663 euros.

This model has some of the key features to enjoy the best image quality. The HD UHD panel is also joined by the HDR and a Pixel Plus Ultra HD image processor that controls 6,400 different areas of the screen to apply Micro Dimming software that improves the contrast and brightness of the image.

The Smart TV platform is controlled by SAPHI, the operating system of the new Philips TVs, which provides access to apps like Netflix, YouTube, and many others to offer a more interactive experience.

Philips 55PUS7303

Philips 55PUS7303

The 7000 range of Philips LED TVs is one of the most interesting in providing features that until now could only be found in high-end televisions, but now available for any pocket. A good example is the Philips 55PUS7303 available on the market for around 874 euros.

At this point the question becomes serious and we begin to see some components common to the entire range of Philips televisions. We’re not just talking about having a 4K UHD resolution or HDR Plus support, but other features such as the TV’s voice control are also included.

To offer the best image quality, the Philips 55PUS7303 integrates the exclusive Philips P5 engine of the Dutch brand. This processor is able to improve the depth of the images displayed on the screen, improving color quality and making it more natural and precise.

For this model, we have opted for Android 7.0 to control the Smart TV platform by providing full access to the Google Play where it is possible to install games or apps on demand such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

Philips 55PUS7503

Philips 55PUS7503

Going a little further into the Philips catalog, we come to the Philips 55PUS7503, a very complete and balanced TV that, for around 1,159 euros, offers an excellent visual experience.

A 55-inch LED panel with 4K UHD resolution and HDR Plus support joins the P5 Perfect Picture engine which offers an optimally optimized image processing system with which excellent image quality is achieved.

One of the great contributions of this model is the sound quality with a pair of 6.25-watt speakers and the integrated 12.5-watt subwoofer located at the bottom of the screen as an integrated soundbar.

This sound system offers high-precision surround sound thanks to its support with DTS HD Premium Suit technology, as well as being compatible with Dolby Atmos sound. Integrates the Ambilight system on three sides, which improves the display of the content, providing a more immersive visual experience.

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Philips televisions of over 1,200 euros

Philips 55PUS8303

Philips 55PUS8303

The Philips 8000 series is the highest for the brand’s LED panels, so these televisions represent Philips’ top performance with this screen technology.

With the Philips 55PUS8303 you will find a 10-bit and 55-inch IPS LED Nano panel with backlit Edge technology, 4K resolution support, and multi HDR (HDR Plus, HDR 10 GAL, HDR 10+) LEDs for about 1,399 euros.

The Nano IPS system consists of a uniform network of nanoparticles that absorb excess light from the screen, showing defined and pure colors. The use of this model’s Nano IPS technology also implies an improvement in viewing angles, minimizing the loss of intensity when changing the viewing angle.

The sound has also been improved in this model and integrates what Philips calls “three-ring technology” so that the louder and more vibrant the speakers are, the more sound power is obtained.

The Ambilight system has also been improved to integrate with the intelligent HUE lighting system that allows it to be configured from a mobile phone. This way, not only will your configuration change depending on what is displayed on the screen, your TV will become part of the decorative lighting of your home.

The connectivity section is covered by its Android Smart Nougat- based Smart TV platform upgradeable to Android 8.0 and a wide range of physical connectors with four HDMI with ARC (Audio Return Channel), two USB ports, Ethernet connection and digital, audio and video

Philips 55OLED803

Philips 55OLED803

As expected, Philips reserves models equipped with OLED panels for its highest range. Even so, you can have an OLED TV for just over 2,000 euros, as in the case of this Philips 55OLED803 that you can find on the market for 2,110 euros.

The OLED technology of the UHD Premium 55-inch 4K panel allows each pixel to switch itself on or off independently, so that when the black color is displayed on the screen, the pixels located in that area turn off, resulting in blacks more pure due to the absence of light.

Its 4-core processor and the P5 Perfect Picture image processing engine are responsible for displaying more natural and defined colors that do not lose sharpness even when they show action scenes or sporting events. The result is further improved by including HDR Perfect support which increases the dynamic range of the scenes.

The sound is reinforced by the incorporation of two loudspeakers for the higher frequencies (tweeter), two others for reproducing the medium and high frequencies with a power of 10 watts and a 30-watt subwoofer. The set offers 50-watt output power and real support for 2.1 surround sound compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD.

Connectivity goes hand in hand with a Smart TV platform based on Android 7.0 Nougat that has 16 GB of internal memory to install your favorite applications from Google Play and enjoy the best series and movies on demand on a spectacular screen.

Philips 65OLED973

At the top of the Philips catalog, we find his latest and most sophisticated model based on OLED technology- the Philips 65OLED973 which you can find for around 5,499 euros.

As you can imagine, among its specifications we can find the latest technologies of the brand with which you get an image quality beyond any doubt. Starting from a size of 65 inches, Philips 65OLED973 is equipped with an OLED screen with 4K resolution, HDR Perfect system with HDR Premium certificate and P5 Perfect Picture processing engine.

One of the first things that strike you is that the audio system is not integrated into the screen structure, but through soundbar support, which can be placed in a vertical position when installing the TV directly on the wall.

In this sound bar, we find all the connections of the television, an audio system able to offer an output power up to 60-watts and an intelligent volume control.

The Smart TV platform is based on Android 7.0 Nougat which gives access to the entire Google Play catalog and also includes voice TV control with Google Assistant using a specific command.

We have just finished writing the best Philips televisions for 2019!

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