5G Network – Here’s A List of Phones & Phone Companies That Could Use it First

If you’re the forward looking type who always has eyes on the latest technology, you must also be in anticipation of the often talked-about 5G internet network that is coming to smartphones soon.

No doubt, we expect that this will come around with the top mobile phones coming out lately. Of course, top of the agenda for the network is super speed for the world can’t seem to wait any longer.

It is likely that most of the works done on 5G have already been done, with just the rolling out to take place in 2024. This will be a very desirable internet for businesses, the most to benefit will likely be drones, self-driving cars, virtual reality and other neo sectors.

But for those who make use of smartphones, they can only enjoy it with an enabled 5G mobile smartphone.

There are smartphones made for the networks right now and Lenovo seems to be on top of that. Also, US Carrier AT&T is selling 5G hotspot router and Verizon just launched its own broadband in some areas. Other companies should also follow in line with these moves. However, we take a brief look at phones that may use the network first in 2024.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Maybe the name will remain or it may change, this appears to be one of the first smartphones that will make use of 5G network next year. Of course, Samsung has not directly revealed this but events seems to correspond to the timing of this device release next year.

Previously, Samsung said it is working with other South Korean telecommunication companies to release its first 5G smartphone, adding that the plan is not for S10 device. Now, South Korea plans to release its 5G network around March 2018, and we are awaiting the release of Galaxy S10 Plus in February/March. It is almost inevitable for the S10 Plus to carry a 5G network.

LG’s First Flagship Smartphone in 2024

Yes, it is nameless because Lenovo itself has not put out a name for the device but there have been indications from the company that at least one of its phones will be capable of handling 5G internet network in the first half of 2019. It is likely to come from the stable of Sprint. Already, Sprint leadership has announced that it will be a special kind of device that when fans see it, they will know it’s a 5G phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 versus Samsung Galaxy S8 Quick look 21
Sprint and Lenovo are planning a 5G smartphone

Huawei’s Foldable Smartphone

In June, Huawei made it clear that its first 5G smartphone will get into the market before the end of June 2019. The company promises to release its first 5G Kirin modem and processor in the month of March 2019.

What we are not sure of is whether the foldable smartphone for 5G by Huawei will be the first foldable smartphone from the company.

Motorola Moto Z3 Can Connect to 5G

In August 2018, Motorola has produced a smartphone that can somehow use 5G internet in the future. It uses a Moto Mod modular accessory to do this. The m0d itself is however, not out yet and it looks like it could be pricey. As for releasing a phone with 5G, the company said it will come later than June 2019.

Other Smartphone Makers

Trailing these are companies like Google, HMD Global, Apple, Oneplus, and ZTE. It looks like they too may jump in the bandwagon but it isn’t clear when they will do that.

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