Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Review: A 1080p Plug & Play Webcam with Speaker

For about five years, Vidlok has shown much clout in technology innovations just as it did with its latest Plug & Play Webcam W91. It is quickly becoming the choicest webcam for use, not only in business environments but in other places too. If you’re not a business expert who makes use of webcams on a day-to-day basis, read on to see where the Xiaomi Vidlock Webcam W91 fits in your lifestyle.

Why the Vidlok Business Webcam W91 is in Vogue

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 002
Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Pack

During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, business needs drastically changed worldwide. Prior to that, business solutions have been changing. Since most businesses moved from office to home format, there was a need to do business in another way. Workers wanted to communicate in new ways, share ideas, but basic webcams failed to deliver what an average worker requires from corporate meetings.

2020 became 2021, and Vidlok Business Webcam W91 was introduced. This is a webcam that boasts of built-in microphone and ultra-wide support for the user.

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Vidlok Business Webcam W91

In this article, we will explore among other things, the main aspects of this webcam, such as why it is the main thing you need if you’re looking for the best webcam dedicated to online business meetings, why its speaker works wonders, and we will also examine its ability to rotate its lens.

What is the Vidlok Business Webcam W91?

Basically, this webcam is a computer camera that has more capabilities than a normal webcam. It is a computer camera with multiple functions available. Some business experts like to refer to it as the Business Webcam with Dedicated NC speaker.

It comes with amazing features. The audio is PCM, which means Pulse Code Modulation. And the dual microphones are able to record stereo so that people can hear clear sounds of the voice speaking. Also, note that this is the world’s first webcam with noise-canceling features.

W91 Main Specs

  • Noise cancellation
  • Built-in NC speaker
  • 360 degrees horizontal rotation / 120 degrees vertical angle / 90 degrees lens angle
  • Dual Microphone
  • Ultra-wide angle
  • 1080p FHD
  • Lens: 4.5 mm HD
  • Audio encoding format: PCM
  • Video encoding format: MJPEG
  • Power supply: USB Direct Power DC 5V
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Dimensions: 56 x 90 x 48 mm
  • Package Content: Webcam, manual, tripod
Vidlok Business Webcam W91 011
Vidlok Business Webcam W91
Vidlok Business Webcam W91 010
Vidlok Business Webcam W91

The Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Camera Design

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 004
Vidlok Webcam W91

The manufacturer took care to ensure that the camera is optimized for performance. You could see that in its clever design, and when you look at its appearance. It doesn’t pale in comparison to a computer camera. The design shows it cylindrical in appearance, with a three-dimensional base, and rounded rectangles.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 007
Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Tripod

The W91 camera came with a USB DC power supply and DC 5V. To use the camera, follow the simple instruction below:

  1. Connect it to the top lid of your laptop
  2. Connect the USB cable
  3. Wait for the camera software to be installed automatically
  4. Next, select the Vidlok camera from options on apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.
Vidlok Business Webcam W91 006
Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Once connected, it is time to start the meeting. Connecting the webcam is very simple and will not waste your time. One thing you need to know is that this connection is solid than a wireless connection that sometimes takes longer to connect, and could cut off at intervals.

Once you connect with W91, there’s no need to fear poor performance or a sudden cut in connection. Entertain no fear of screen freezes or delays. The camera has a 4.5mm high definition lens, a 360-wide angle lens that can make everyone participate, no matter where they are located in the room.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 001
Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Another thing to note about this webcam is that as you position it on the flip of your laptop, exactly where the computer webcam is supposed to work, this webcam is able to look around by rotating freely. The user can also customize it in different ways according to individual requirements. It can also be adjusted vertically.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 015
Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Additionally, this camera is so powerful that the user can only get the best images and video. It is excellent in the sense that it can record video in Full HD 1080p resolution at 30fps. The aperture of f/2.0, presenting good support for autofocus. The camera looks good and compact in size. It is just 56 x 90 x 48 mm but it is also not bulky in weight. It weighs only 135 grams.

However, as the user, you can explore the exact usage of the camera. Would you like to shoot videos in resolutions lower than 1080p? It is possible to do so. Other resolutions include 480p, and 720p. If you’re hooked to the way the former traditional webcams work, you may forget from time to time that the Vidlok Business Webcam W91 is open to rotation, and varied ways of customization. The rotation can be in full – 360* wide horizontally, 120* vertically, and the 90* angle is also available. You can make use of any of these as you deem fit during business meetings.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 009
Vidlok Business Webcam W91

The Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Speaker

A quick attraction at the speaker side of the W91 is that the built-in speaker also has a dual microphone. This is where noise reduction technology takes place. No doubt, if your office is at home or anywhere, sometimes you have to deal with noise, unwanted sound interference. If there are two microphones in here it means a high-level sound is guaranteed. The speaker is a magical plus.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 014
Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Cam

This means that the quality of sound emanating from the speaker is richer than that coming from your laptop. Therefore, listening to music on this webcam speaker is a great experience. As mentioned above, the audio is PCM, which means that Vidlock made use of a technology technique that makes presents analog sound in digital format. What makes this audio excel is that it carries a series of digital signals for audio without any compression.

Using the Vidlok webcam means that you don’t need to save up money to buy an external speaker or headphones when watching videos or playing music on your desktop monitor.

Needless to say, the advantage of the W91 is that it comes with a built-in standalone speaker that is so amazing for video conferencing. When you engage in online conferencing, you appreciate a webcam that offers very clear video output, excellent audio, and also if as the case with Vidlok Business Webcam W91 is, you can rotate seamlessly and show your environment to other participants who are not around you, that’s a big plus. The manufacturer paid much attention to making it possible for the speaker to amplify the human voice and make it clearer. Every other sound in the background is subdued.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 005
Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Camera

What You Stand to Enjoy When You Buy Webcam W91

Professional Video Conferencing: You don’t need to be an expert in tech to use the Vidlok Business Webcam W91. Vidlok ensures that just about anyone on planet earth can make use of the webcam and fully set it up in four simple steps. The W91 is simple in design and most practical in usage. It is a plug-and-play technology that doesn’t require any expertise on the part of the user.

Two-Way Sound Quality: Forget about the days when your meeting participants could not hear you at some point in the meeting. The sound quality that you get from others outside of your room or office is good enough, and what they receive from you is high quality. This product ensures not just excellent video performance but also excellent two-way audio quality.

Extended Usage: The W9 comes with a camera that has facial enhancement technology, which automatically optimizes images. Get these advantages when you get involved in recording, video calling, online teaching classes, social gaming, blogging, conferencing, and live streaming. Use it in conjunction with the following platforms: Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, OBS, Xbox One, Hangouts, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and others.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 013
Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Similar Video Conference Webcams

3-1n-1 Full HD 1080p Conference Webcam: Good webcam as well, but a little heavier than the W91. Its wide-angle performance is limited at 105 degrees angle. The audio quality pales in comparison with that of the W91. Except for the fact that this product is a 3-in-1 webcam, most of its other features resemble that of W91.

2K Web Camera QHD Webcam: This webcam corrects low-light levels, meaning that it performs well where the light is not so good. In some cases, it is better than the W91 but not in its rotational capacity. It simply rotates 90 degrees wide-angle. However, it also has good voice pick-up and noise cancellation. It is still a bit heavier than the W91.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 008
Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam: This webcam is way heavier because it makes use of batteries. It is somewhat old now and has lived for about four years. However, the main reason for inclusion here as a related webcam is that it has a high reputation in the webcam market. It sells on Amazon and looking at its ratings, it is good for a nice product. It can only rotate up to 90 degrees wide angle, where most other rotating webcams only rotate 60 degrees.

The price information is still not available for the Vidlok Business Webcam W91. That means we can’t compare its goodness to the one already on the market. But the company promises that this product will arrive at a logical cost, taking into consideration that it is manufactured for everyone to use. If you’re interested, you may visit Vidlok website to get a quote. Click here to do that.

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How Other Vidlok Webcams Compare

There are other Vidlok webcams. The W91 SE, the W77 webcam are also on the horizon. But it appears they will be announced at different prices, although they seem to have the same capacities.

Why W91 Will Win

Webcams are relied upon for more influential conversations because they create video content. They have often been relied on for casual chats online and many adult-oriented websites employ the use of these appliances in greater detail. Now, as they become business tools, their disadvantages are more pronounced more than ever.

Instead of using webcams to have more influential conversations, and to create great video content in the age of the pandemic, the disadvantages are glaring. Most webcams are not equal to a professional video camera. Now, the W91 has stepped up to that level. Instead of using webcams that make the room look dark, or make you look washed out, or covers you with shadows, you want a better quality webcam with very clear images and videos.

The W91 projects a better or more professional aspect to the outside world. However, you need to be wary of concerns that have to do with security and privacy. As for the W91, we can’t tell what the security and privacy protection methods are at this time. It has been known that web hackers could spy on you making use of your webcam. That means a computer should be kept secure as much as possible.

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Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Vidlok Webcam W91 Release Date & Price

The W91 is a product for 2021. There are several reviews online about the product but it is no longer a concept. Prospective buyers can now search the product online and see exactly how it looks. Vidlock ensures that a buyer can have a look at the product, see how it looks on the front and rear.

The release date is still not known as this article is being compiled. Vidlock also did not offer any information on the price but hinted at delivering the webcam at a fairly reasonable cost. If the manufacturer is taking orders now, you may be able to get your own at a cheaper price than when it is available online for purchase.

Vidlok W91 Product Checkout
Vidlok Check Product
Rucashk Check Product


Here’s a webcam that fits seamlessly into our daily lives! It connects with the most important video conference apps to deliver a more enjoyable and professional use. When we take a look at the positive features like video performance, voice, and ability to work with other tools for video conferencing, this webcam is a must-have.

While businesses around the globe cherish a product like this, many other groups, individuals, and organizations can find the use of W91 invaluable. The unique shape of the product, its face value; the dedicated NC speaker, and the amazing 360 degrees wide-angle rotation are all the main reasons why the webcam will be a much sought-after product as soon as it is released.

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