Hands-free cleaning for up to ten weeks

Vacuuming is not everyone’s favorite task.

That’s why Verefa L11 Pro makes sure that the only time you need to think about vacuuming is once every 2 months.

Even then, the convenient disposable dust bag means you don’t get your hands dirty. Just slide it out, dispose, and replace.

The Verefa L11 Pro is a very smart vacuum. It will end up knowing your floor better than you would ever want to!

L11 Pro integrates Verefa’s Spatial AI+ technology, using a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor, maps out your living space in real time, recognizing your home down to millimeter-level accuracy.

L11 Pro navigates around obstacles, making sure that your precious objects are safe, as well as keeping itself safe, too. That way, you’ll get more life out of your vacuum.

The L11 Pro can also tell the difference between hard and carpeted areas, and it will treat them differently. From kitchen to living room to bathroom to bedroom, the L11 Pro applies the right actions at the right time.

You’ll get a lot of power with the L11 Pro. There is a stunning 2700Pa of suction capacity in the L11 Pro, more than any other robot vacuum on the market.

When the L11 Pro hits carpet, it automatically increases suction power to make sure it captures every scrap of dirt, dust, and pervasive pet hair. The L11 Pro is best suited for low- to mid-pile carpet.

Verefa’s patented self-adjusting brush roll system allows the cleaning head to adjust itself so L11 always clings to the floor. This means a cleaner floor, faster.

Your L11 Pro is suitable for the whole family. Got something you want to keep safe? You can separately purchase magnetic strips and use them to set up “no go” zones so your L11 Pro goes only where you want it. The L11 Pro is also perfect for pet hair.

While the L11 Pro is very smart, it is still simple to use. You and your family can use the L11 Pro in three easy ways:

Tell the L11 Pro what you want it to do with voice control using Google Voice or Alexa.

Use the simple button on the device, to directly manage your L11 Pro.

Or if you crave total control, you can use the Verefa Life smartphone app, available for both Android and iOS, that offers control from another room or even outside the house entirely.

Use the app’s real-time map function to see exactly where the L11 Pro is, set and unset no-go zones, program schedules for cleaning different areas of your home, and check the status of consumables on board the machine.

The L11 Pro is so simple, you can even get your kids or older family members to give it a try.

The L11 Pro has 6 ways of working:

  • Auto cleaning – set and forget
  • Spot cleaning – target a specific area
  • Room cleaning – clean one room only
  • Zone cleaning – clean several rooms at once
  • Appointed cleaning – schedule cleaning for a convenient time
  • Remote control cleaning – control exactly where your L11 Pro goes

Whether you want to set-and-forget or take more control of vacuuming without getting your hands dirty, Verefa L11 Pro is the best value on the robot vacuum market.

Order the L11 Pro on Verefa Official Store or on Amazon today!

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