The Highest Cost-performance Robot Vacuum Amarey A800

Before have a Robot Vacuum, most of the people may be reluctant to spend an hour every day in a clean room environment and covered in sweat, then will spend one hour after the rest, but there will always be some little corner is missing, or because of inconvenience for cleaning design, there will be a lot of dander, residue, or dirty, you completely can’t stand it. At this time you should possess a clean god – Amarey A800 robot vacuum!

In fact, when we select any kind of robot vacuum, we should focus on 3 dimensions- simplicity and convenience, suction power and cleanliness. With a diameter of 12.7in, a height of 2.7in and a net weight of 2.6kg, the Amarey A800 is generally light. It is easy for you to use Amarey A800 to clean your house, only 3 steps- scraping the floor, cleaning away and suctioning up, which are like through two super close glue brush dust concentration, then from the ground to the dust hit the air, and then brought into the dust collection box, like the dustpan to dust hair and dust up the concept of sweeping. This A800 cleaner vacuum is powered by a 2600mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery, when the battery is below the set percentage, the A800 robotic vacuum cleaner will return to the charging station and automatically charge, and then restart the cleaning work.

The Amarey A800 is with super strong suction at 1400Pa max vacuuming power, in this condition, the maximum run time of 100 minutes and a noise level is less than 58db. Compared with most of cleaner vacuum’s 70db, like iRobot Roomba 980, the Amarey A800 is fairly quiet and friendly to your family. Amarey A800 is with upgraded 3-point filter cleaning system- cleanable filter, sponge, high-efficiency filter, dual side brushes, and powerful suction ensure a thorough clean. Dual side brushes can specifically target at pet hair, dust, bread crumbs, cigarette butts, etc. quickly and directly put them inhale the dust box.

Amarey A800 is the high cost-performance product in the current market. No matter for intelligence, cleanliness, and simplicity and convenience, the performance is very stable. It is suitable for people who like keeping pets or having carpets at home.

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