Android – Google announces the 5 new free apps of the week on Play Store

Google publishes the 5 Android apps of the week. We have never seen them and above all, they are free for all users. We can already download them.

Android app on Play Store
Android app on Play Store

Android is beautiful because it is varied and above all because it is constantly updated with new apps that enrich the user experience. Thanks to 5 new apps interactivity with our devices reach a new level. This is the right week to upgrade your smartphone and enrich your Drawer with many new utilities and Free apps. Let’s find out the latest news.

Emoji Mine

A game to say the least original in which the aim is to save the lives of imprisoned emojis. They must be freed by making them fall from point A to point B. Sacrifices must be made, in the proper sense of the word. You will have to act quickly. There is a timer, the final score depends on this. The download is here.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send is not yet published on the Play Store. Available but not bug-free. The name says it all. It is an application created by Mozilla dedicated to sending files. You can run attachments with a maximum size of 1 GB and go to 2.5 GB if you have a Firefox account. The sharing links remain for 7 days before disappearing. This is not a cloud space as much as a temporary file sharing solution (24 hours without Firefox account).

The Elder Scrolls- Blades

The Elder Scrolls- Blades. It is also superfluous to make presentations. One of the biggest international names in the gaming world. The new chapter for smartphones has not yet been published but it is possible to register for early access which grants notification for full version availability. We have in-app purchases. Too bad, everyone won’t like it.

Hidey Hole

Hidey Hole is not an app for everyone. It is aimed exclusively at users of Galaxy S10, S10 Pus and S10e. Allows you to customize the background that conceals the O-Display front camera. The screens are not the property of the author but come from the internal Reddit database. We can customize them as we want by setting parameters such as brightness, contrast, etc.


Fisherman is a quiet game, perfect to close this review on the new Android apps coming out. The gameplay is simple, perhaps too much. Visit lakes, seas, rivers. The aim is to fish to build your own briefcase with better baits. Sometimes there is some annoying advertising video. It’s up to us to get used to it.


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