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You will be able to enjoy a new game inspired by Harry Potter from your iPhone. The story of the most famous young magician of the last decades continues to inspire creators. This time from the hand of Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games through the Portkey Game label have presented the title Harry Potter: The Magic Emerges.

Harry Potter: Magic Emerges is a collectible card game that is also a massively multiplayer online mobile. This story places us ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, which will immerse us in a completely new and unexplored narrative in any other licensed product, with which we will have the opportunity to meet new characters.

Harry Potter: Magic Emerges is now available for iOS and Android

This title focuses on the exciting card battles that uniquely capture the confrontations between magicians. In addition, Harry Potter: Magic Emerges offers the possibility of creating and customizing our own character, which we can improve as we progress through the adventure and complete the corresponding missions. By completing these missions, we will gain experience that will allow us to progress even further.

According to Warner Bros., the game features over 70 spells and summons available at launch. Each of these comes with its own unique effects and benefits that allow players to build decks with infinite combinations of damage, control, support, and defense.

Besides, players can use tools that grant special stat boost traits, or passive abilities, as well as Companion cards that can summon powerful allies like Hermione Granger and Rubeus Hagrid to help out in battle. All strategies that add another layer of strategy to the game.

Of course, it will include references to the original saga, since will have the presence of the most iconic characters of the franchise as well as the prominent locations and events that we all know about.

While other franchises will no longer create more games for iPhone, this seems like the best time for Harry Potter fans, who this year have already had the opportunity to enjoy other proposals based on the original story, but with new contributions as happened a few years ago. months with the acclaimed Hogwarts Legacy.

Wait no more and download it for free on the App Store with the option of purchases.

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