Finally! You can already play PlayStation 4 on your iPhone and iPad

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More than four years ago, Sony announced the arrival of the PS4 Remote Play application, which allowed Android users to play their PlayStation 4 games on their smartphones. However, since then, it has always been exclusive of some Sony Xperia.

Now with the arrival of the latest update of the PlayStation 4. Sony has also decided to offer the support of this application for the iPhone and iPad. In other words, to play your favorite PS4 games on your iPhone or iPad, you just need to update the console and install the app directly in the AppStore.

As with the application for the Sony Xperia, also on the iPhone, you will see the command controls reproduced above the image of the game. Since it will not be very practical in several games, the best option is to even use a command.

More than 4 years later, PlayStation 4’s Remote Play finally reaches the iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the DualShock 4 of the PlayStation 4 with the iPhone. That’s why the best option is to invest in a good command that is compatible with Apple devices.


To take advantage of this new application, you will just need to have your iPhone / iPad connected to the same WiFi network as the PlayStation 4. When you open the application you will be able to choose the desired resolution for the stream.  Remember, the higher the resolution, the higher your internet speed will have to be. Then the application will search your PlayStation 4 on the WiFi network and once the connection is established, you will see your game on the iPhone.

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This is a service very similar to that offered by Xbox One and the stream of games for Windows computers. Although not ideal to enjoy the games to the fullest. It will certainly be a good addition to numerous situations.

It’s important to note that this app is limited to streaming directly from your PlayStation 4 to your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, remember that if for any reason the console is disconnected. Access to the game on your smartphone will end immediately. You can download PS4 Remote Play directly from the AppStore for free, and the only prerequisite is to have iOS 12.1 or higher.

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