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How To Change Your NYSC Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) In 2023

For those asking, when it comes to NYSC, PPA is just an abbreviation for the Primary Place of Assignment. Simply put, PPA is the location corps members are posted to go and discharge their duties to their fatherland. And this location could be a school, business organisation, industry and so on. See How To Change Your NYSC PPA In 2021:

Change NYSC PPA 2021
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Why Do Nigerian Graduates Try To Change Their PPA?

Well, for reasons best known to graduates, they might decide to change their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). It might be because of certain insecurities at the location, or just for a personal reason. For example, a lot of people don’t like teaching, therefore if they get posted to a school, this can force them to seek a change of PPA.

Just be aware that modifying your PPA is never guaranteed, ane graduates only try it out to hope it is successful. However, a lot of people have tried it in the past and it worked, so it isn’t impossible.

How Can I Change My NYSC PPA In 2021?

Let’s begin by using Folami as a case study- Folami got deployed to Lagos State and his PPA is at an educational institution where he is needed to teach. However, Folami has always wished to work in an industry, rather than a school. So how can he get himself out of this dilemma?

It is pretty straightforward, if Folami wants to change his PPA, he simply needs to head to the industry he wishes to work at and collect a Request Letter from the company.

When Folami gets his Request Letter, he needs to head back to the school he was posted to, and ask for a Rejection. Folami needs to do some serious begging at this school to get rejected for real. If peradventure, the school turns down the request and refuse the rejection proposal, this makes Folami changing his PPA highly impossible.

If the intense pleading works and the school decides to reject him, Folami has to take the rejection letter to the NYSC Secretariat of that State, (Lagos State in this case) for a reposting of PPA.

More Information On NYSC PPA:

The NYSC Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is the location where you are needed to render proper service with proper dedication for 12 months of active service to Nigeria. PPA is the 2nd stage of your NYSC service year after your twenty-one days on several orientations camps across the nation. This orientation camp is the major part of your NYSC, and after the experience, you will realize how memorable it is.

During your PPA, the government expects you to be very vigilant while interacting and learning from the locals, and leaving a huge impact on the people that will come your way.

Change NYSC PPA 2021
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What Employers Have To Do For Corps Members Working With Them?

  • The employer should offer conducive accommodation for the corp member, and it should contain a comfortable chair, table, bed. If this cannot be arranged for, the employer should give the corp member some money to rent an apartment. However, nowadays in Nigeria, employers will tell you that you’ll have to get everything yourself. That’s sad, but it is our unfortunate reality.
  • The employer should also give the corp member transport fare if the shelter provided is very far from his/her place of work.
  • The employer should also keep his corp member busy at all times. No sort of idleness should be condoned.

That is that.

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