iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – Luxury + High Performance + Good Price = Worth buying!

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the big screen iPhone of 2017 has launched. However, a phablet of 2016 is the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB and is worth buying for the following five reasons.

  1. Elegant design

The iPhone 7 Plus, as well as other iPhone devices before and after are beautifully designed. With a solid aluminium finish that is finely crafted into a brand-new body, Apple’s smartphone has a glamorous look.

  1. Performance is still in the top row, large internal memory, strong battery

iphone 7 plus

Integrating the A10 Fusion chip with 3GB of RAM, the performance of the iPhone 7 Plus remains among the most powerful smartphone on the market at the moment. Even super-products launched in 2024 also suffered a defeat before the iPhone 7 Plus regarding processing speed.

At the same time, with up to 128GB of internal memory, users will be able to shoot high-definition videos, as well as install more games, applications and archives.

The battery capacity is only 2,900mAh but thanks to the iOS operating system that manages the power efficiently. The usability of the iPhone 7 Plus is outstanding; it fully meets the needs of work and entertainment at the intensity.

  1. Large screen, support many modern technologies

iphone 7 plus water 800x350

The iPhone 7 Plus features a 5.5-inch screen, Full HD resolution on an IPS LCD panel for crisp, clear images with true-to-life colour production when used to watch movies or play games.

The smartphone has Touch ID fingerprint support to unlock and pay quickly when trading on the App Store without entering a password. Also, the 3D Touch technology allows the smartphone to respond according to the pressure and lets users preview the content without having to go inside the application.

In addition, thanks to the built-in IP67 dust resistance, the iPhone 7 Plus eliminates the user’s anxiety when suddenly experiencing problems such as pouring water on the phone.

  1. Camera shooting top

iphone 7 plus camera 600x516

The iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with a dual 12-megapixel camera, support for OIS optical image stabilisation, phase focusing and 2x optical zoom as digital cameras.

In addition to the 7 MP front camera and auto Retina Flash, selfie shooting needs will be perfectly met even in low light conditions.

  1. Good price, attractive promotion

iphone 7 plus

The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is sold at $869, but if you buy online and choose Jet Black, your cost will be reduced. Also, if you pay by MasterCard online, you will get a discount.

Are these reasons enough convincing for you to buy the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB or not? Let us know what you think about this device by using our comment box.


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