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iPhone Battery – how to optimize performance and know when to change it

If you have an iPhone 6, or a similar model from Apple, you will probably have experienced a loss of battery life after a while. This is a completely normal phenomenon, in fact, after some years this component is no longer as efficient as before, reducing the duration of operation based on the number of charge cycles sustained. Let’s see some useful tips to check the health of the iPhone battery, to understand when it is necessary to change it.

Why is it important to know the battery life?

The autonomy of the phone is an extremely important aspect since nobody wants to have a device that is downloaded within a few hours, but you always want to be able to count on a mobile phone that can withstand at least all day. Unfortunately, each battery has its duration, based on the recharging cycles carried out, on the years of life and on the build quality, so after some time inexorably the autonomy is shortened.

Knowing the state of health of the device is therefore fundamental, both in case you want to buy a used appliance, and to understand if the performances are optimal or if they have actually fallen, thus indicating the fateful moment in which you need to replace the battery of the ‘iPhone. Here are some simple steps to determine if the battery is still in good condition or not.

How to check iPhone battery performance

Before changing the battery of the iPhone, even if it is a used model or with several years of life behind it, it is necessary to carry out a series of checks, to determine if this component is still efficient.

First of all, it is possible to see if the iPhone maintains an adequate operational speed, starting the applications without slowing down, loading resources quickly and guaranteeing lighting of good intensity.

At the same time, other alarm signals can be a reduction in the volume of the speakers, a decrease in the graphic quality of images and videos, reproduced within the phone applications, or a rather long delay in the automatic update phase.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to determine whether the battery is worn, for reasons not due to normal chemical deterioration, or if it has only arrived at the end of its life.

However, to check the battery status of the iPhone, or other Apple models, it is possible to enter the phone settings, select the item Battery and check for messages, warnings, and alerts.

This check allows you to find out if the device is self-limiting, due to a decrease in battery performance, which in some cases forces the software to reduce performance to optimize its autonomy.

By updating to the iOS 11.3 operating system you can find the Battery Status option, with which you can find out both the maximum battery capacity and the performance of that component. To make a more precise check-up just use a Mac PC, connecting the iPhone and using the Coconut Battery app.

In this way you can quickly check the health of the iPhone battery, but also that present in the iPad and iPod Touch, displaying information about the number of cycles, the conditions and the date of production.

When should I change the battery of the iPhone?

One of the most used ways in the sector, to determine whether the battery is now to be replaced or not, takes into account the number of cycles. This is extremely important information, which refers to the times when the battery is completely recharged, going from a certain percentage more or less low to 100%.

Each product is able to withstand a precise number of charge cycles, ensuring a capacity of around 80%. After this limit the autonomy will start to decrease, so sooner or later it will be necessary to replace the battery with a new model. To increase its duration it is advisable not to let it discharge completely, but to charge it when it reaches a level between 50 and 20%.

How much does the iPhone battery cost?

To change the battery in the iPhone you can contact Apple service centers; in this case, the replacement will be carried out with an original product, taking advantage of the official guarantee of the American company.

Otherwise, you can do it yourself and buy an original or compatible battery online, saving on the cost of labor and on the purchase of the product itself.

The cost of the battery of the iPhone is around 13/15 euros, after which it is enough to consult a guide on YouTube or looking for a tutorial on Google to understand how to replace it.

In this way you can understand how to properly remove the old battery, avoiding damaging other components of the phone before installing the new one, verifying that everything is working properly.

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