IWD – Zynga Pledges $100,000 for Girls Who Code


Zynga has teamed up with Girls Who Code. Such is the caption on a multiple girls image that was published online on International Women’s Day (IWD).

Zynga is a social mobile game company that beat revenue expectations for the fourth quarter last year. It is now in partnership with a company that is known for building the largest pipeline of future female engineers – Girls Who Code.

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to transform the image of what a programmer looks like and does, according to the website www.girlswhocode.com, which helps people to understand better the meaning of Girls Who Code.

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Zynga Campus 2019

Zynga is promising Girls Who Code that from its social impact fund, it will give this huge $100,000 support to the organization Girls Who Code on International Women’s Day 2021.

The fund will enable Girls Who Code to offer solid support to girls throughout their educational journey from third grade into the workforce.


Girls Who Code has reached out to more than 300,000 girls in countries such as U.S., UK, Canada, and India. About half of the number of girls reached out to are Black, Latinx, or from poor families.

Girls Who Code is making use of its free clubs program to reach young women, and to equip them to be able to use computer science to impact their community, providing a sisterhood of supportive peers, and mentoring to help girls persist and succeed in life.

Zynga and Girls Who Code will use virtual workshops, school clubs, mentorship programs, networking, and other means to build the next generation of women in Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) to help the ladies prepare to take positive steps in strengthening the future of the industry.