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Razer launches Nari Ultimate, the wireless gaming headset with haptic technology

Razer Nari Ultimate is the name of the new headset launched by the popular US gaming brand. These wireless headphones are distinguished by the integration of an advanced haptic technology called Razer HyperSense, which will offer players a ‘tactile’ experience to enjoy during their play sessions while watching a movie or listening to music.

Razer Nari Ultimate – the main features

The new headphones of the Razer family are born with the aim of combining maximum comfort with a high level of performance. Gamers will be able to play for long sessions thanks to the revolving ear pads and pads equipped with cooling gels, much more effective than those in memory foam.

The hardware integrates the THX Spatial Audio  – already introduced with the Kraken Tournament Edition – for the creation of sound depth and realistic diving, through a precise 360 ° sound simulation for a greater perception of the game phases (very useful in shooters).

The headphones offer a game/chat audio balance and are compatible with PlayStationXboxPCNintendo Switchsmartphone, and tablet.

Min-Liang Tan, CEO, and co-founder of Razer spoke to talk about Nari Ultimate :

“Razer constantly creates products that incorporate innovative technology to offer gamers the best gaming experience possible. With Nari Ultimate, we allow them to try a whole new way to enjoy their favorite games using Razer HyperSense

Razer HyperSense – Lofelt’s contribution

Behind the design of the HyperSense system is the precious collaboration of Razer with Lofelt, a German company specializing in the creation of aptic technologies for immersive experiences.

“Lofelt is committed to raising standards in haptic feedback to match the high-quality audio and video we are used to today’s devices said Lofelt CEO Daniel Büttner.

“Working with Razer is an incredible opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of the cutting edge technology we have developed. I am thrilled that we are at the forefront of realizing the true potential of an advanced helix and I look forward to bringing gameplay to the next level with the Razer Nari Ultimate that incorporates Lofelt technology

About Razer HyperSense, the system relies on the use of haptic drivers that generate multidimensional feedback in order to enhance positional audio with stereo functionality. This will be perfectly compatible with all formats of games, music, and movies, without the need to resort to additional additions thanks to the real-time conversion of audio signals into tactile feedback.

Razer Nari Ultimate – prices and availability

The Razer Nari are available in three versions. It starts from the Ultimate Nari, which we just read a while ago, which offer the best level of audio performance. The selling price is 199.99 euros.

Let’s move on to the Razer Nari, without the HyperSense technology, but practically identical to the Ultimate model in terms of comfort, sound technology, and features. Cost: 149 euros.

Finally, we find the Razer Nari Essential, wireless headset equipped with THX Spatial Audio and performance without any type of lag. Quest will be sold at a more affordable price, or 99.99 euros.

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