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This 3D Camera Can See Objects with Astounding Accuracy

The robotics sector is growing and taking big strides in the technology world. Machine vision has a big impact on the growth found in the technology sector. New imaging technologies, 3D cameras, in particular, are beginning to cross new frontiers, and we are about to see wonderful capabilities in robots.

3D cameras are sensors incorporating a variety of sensing strategies. Orbbec is engaging in neo tech regarding the sensing strategies. The company is a leading global 3D camera provider that has launched several new products in recent times.

Soon, it will extend robotics capabilities to a wide range of environmental requirements, such as temperature and lighting conditions from sunlight to total darkness.

The CEO of the company, David Chen, said that innovations in 3D imaging, combined with broader advances like 5G, artificial intelligence, and ultra-fast processors, are transforming the application landscape for designers and engineers.

Orbbec Logo
Orbbec Logo

Regarding one of these sensors manufactured by Orbbec, it utilizes time-of-flight technology, making use of the artificial light signal to resolve the distance between the sensor and the subject for each point of the image. In this way, it able to sense in three ways. The cameras offer a high-resolution performance and can quickly capture the details of moving objects. Those images with reflective surfaces or smooth surfaces that are troublesome for robots are easily captured by these cameras.

The company just unveiled an industrial-level 3D camera with ultra-high depth resolution and real-time 3D reconstruction. This camera will be available to the public in 2023 as a white-label OEM product for laboratory and factory applications.

The CEO said that the company has expanded its lighting options beyond traditional structured light, along with higher depth resolution. He also said that these additions will be of immense help to designers and developers in a wide range of industries.

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