Top 20 Best Free Educational Video Resource Websites

Did you know that there are free online resources for anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection to get educational video resource websites? In this article, we put together the 20 best resources for learning through videos. You can learn anything you want online at this moment. You can find lectures from seasoned or topmost lecturers and this comes to you at no cost. You also have different subjects to choose from. Because these are solely video courses, learners or students stand a chance of enjoying the educational process more than they would have envisaged.

1. EdX


All EdX studies can be carried out on the web. There are more than three thousand courses and more than four hundred thousand people have already benefited as I write this. There are also over 160 member universities that are partnering with EdX.

Types of Courses and degrees

  • Master’s Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Data science
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Communication

Both learners and business experts can grow their careers by getting a degree or expanding their knowledge at any level. This is a kind of blended learning that helps them to get critical career skills in life. Learners are able to enjoy executive education courses from top universities so that they are able to pivot their careers.

2. Coursera


Coursera has lectures that are taught by world-renown professors and these are reinforced through interactive exercises. Students can advance their various careers with more than 5,000 courses offered on this platform. Students can earn professional certificates and degrees from world-class universities and companies. Coursera partners with over 200 leading universities and companies.

Degrees from leading universities

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Global Master of Public Health
  • Master of Applied Data Science
  • Master of Computer and Information Technology

3. Brightstorm


Brightstorm is the right place to learn math, science, English, and test prep from seasoned teachers. To begin with, interested students can visit the front page of the website and check out free sample videos first in a bid to whet their appetite.

Some of the Courses

  • Physics
  • Algebra
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Calculus
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 2
  • Trigonometry

Some of these courses listed above have more than 100 videos that students can benefit from. Brightstorm claims to offer students the best teachers for free. You may start by watching the free samples today.

4. Big Think

think big
Think Big

This is the right place for those who want to drive culture at their workplaces. Big Think allows you to learn from the biggest thinkers in the world. There are more than a thousand highly relevant lessons for students. More than 250 companies are mentoring their staff through this free educational means.

Some of the main courses to choose from

  • Leadership
  • Diversity, equity, and Inclusion
  • Digital fluency
  • Health and wellness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Executive presence
  • Critical thinking
  • Marketing
  • Innovation

5. Amazon Education


With Amazon Education, anyone can discover digital educational material for free. They call it effective learning solutions to support educators and students. You may get printable lessons from creators through this means.

The advantages include:

  • Using Kindle Direct Publishing, print-on-demand physical textbooks, educational materials, ebooks, and e-textbooks
  • Enjoy audiobooks
  • Learn through videos, courses, and instructional lessons

Amazon has various means of educating students. Some of these are Amazon Catalyst, Prime Student, AWS, Amazon Business, and more. Find the right course at Amazon today.

6. Alison


Alison offers top certificates on many courses, and the company also made it better by offering courses over Android and iOS apps for users to learn on the go. Courses included are Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled, Introduction to Caregiving – Revised, and many more in fields of zoology, art, and technology – there’s something to interest anyone from anywhere in the world. On the website and on the apps, there are about 3,468 free courses, which I believe is enough for anyone to look through.

Advantages of using the apps

  • Fewer ads, improved learning experience
  • Full-screen support for video
  • Improved navigation
  • Instant notifications
  • It is easy to access course content

7. CosmoLearning


This is a platform known for aggregating free online video lessons and documentaries. There are more than a thousand courses in their database, almost two thousand documentaries, and about 35,000 videos for learners to choose from.

Free Course subjects

  • Natural and Pure Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Languages
  • Technology
  • Professions
  • Health Sciences
  • Extracurricular

Apart from learning from videos, there are many books that students can download to read or study online. First, check to find the latest additions to the site as you browse.

8. Funbrain


Funbrain offers lectures that are known as interactive content, there are hundreds of free games, books, and videos for students. There are eight grades to choose from. At first, glance, when you enter the site, you’re presented with a game of chess. You can either play it with a friend or choose to play with the computer. That isn’t the only game available for you to play.

Tinybop’s Coral Reef, Sudoku, and more games are at your disposal for free. However, we take it that your intent is to get educated and improve yourself. There are many videos on the site to aid you. In addition to the videos, there are also books that are offered. All of these can be enjoyed with games that serve as appetizers. Even pre-K and kindergarten school-age pupils can learn something worthwhile on this website.

9. FutureLearn


FutureLearn offers many courses from leading European universities. There are more than one thousand courses by world-class educators but these are not entirely free. Recently, the company started to charge for courses at a reduced price.

Learning advantages

  • You can learn anything
  • Learn together
  • Learn with experts

The first thing you may like to do when you visit the site is to explore the top subjects like business and management, healthcare, and medicare. Educators from top universities are available to pull you through your learning curve. They will certainly share their experience through videos, articles, quizzes, and discussions.

10. GCFLearn


GCFLearn offers free online courses that border on benefiting students with knowledge of basic life skills, technology, literacy, and math. To get a hang of it, you may watch the introductory video on the site. It will give you a better understanding of what’s in store as you desire to advance in work and life.

Features of GCFLearn

  • Learn technology
  • Improve your work life
  • Get the core skills you need in life
  • Benefits from reading and math

This platform is for people from all works of life. It doesn’t matter what continent you’re from, start learning for free now. For example, you could brush up on your Microsoft Office skills in case you’re looking for a job. Improve your abilities so that you can become more attractive to companies that are looking to hire top-class workers.

11. Howcast


This platform claims that you can learn from user-generated videos on the website. To begin with, you may first look at the popular categories to understand what most people are learning from the website.

Popular categories

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Dance & Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home & Garden
  • Love & Relationships

You can also see the top videos teaching students how to dance, or how to sharpen their communication skills.

12. Internet Archive

internet archive
Internet Archive

This platform boasts having a collection of more than two hundred thousand free historical videos, many of which are academic, and that students can learn from. Looking at the portal, there is more than eight million content in form of movies, films, and videos for learners to benefit from.

Best collections

  • Movies
  • Community media archive
  • News & Public Affairs
  • Feature Films
  • Television Archive
  • Television Archive News Search
  • Anime Cascade
  • Arts & Music
  • The VHS Vault
  • Electric Sheep
  • Videogame Videos
  • Spirituality & Religion

There’s so much more to benefit from this platform. Visit and type in your interest, and the result may surprise you.

13. Khan Academy

khan academy
Khan Academy

No need to hurry when you learn through Khan Academy. Enjoy the extensive video library with interactive challenges, and assessments. There’s something for everyone. Both teachers, parents, and learners can all benefit from the services rendered by this non-profit organization.

Features of Khan

  • Personalized learning
  • Trusted content
  • Tools to empower teachers

The teachers are able to engage every student, and students can prepare to learn anything on this platform. However, the interface looks so simple that you may not believe that there are many courses available for students on the platform.

The platform is supported by Bank of America, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others.



Imagine developed programming for K-12 classrooms! This is what Learner is all about. The lessons come in form of multimedia resources for K-12 classroom instruction. Once you visit the site, you will be required to pick the right grade levels. You may also explore and find all the subjects that are available

Top Subjects

  • Arts
  • Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies & History
  • English Language Arts
  • World Languages

Of course, a wide range of subjects is available for K-12 multimedia classroom students.

15. Math TV

math tv
Math Tv

Math TV presents professional video lessons in math, covering basic math through calculus. You may browse through the topics to see what really takes your fancy but remember, everything here is about math, taught in such an interesting manner that you would hardly reject a course. If you clicked the link up here, you must be on the new site. You may scroll down to navigate back to the old site. Some who were accustomed to the old site may always want to use it. The math video lessons are very interesting. Try them out and see.

16. MIT Open Learning


MIT uses this means to provide lectures and course materials for students, teachers, and self-learners worldwide. The university is reinventing education through this means.

Courses & Programs

  • MIT Horizon
  • MIT Bootcamps
  • MIT xPRO
  • MITx Courses
  • MITx MicroMasters Programs
  • MIT Open Learning Library
  • MIT OpenCourseWare

There are a wide variety of educational opportunities for learners, educators, and organizations worldwide.

17. NeoK12


This website prides itself as the best platform for educational videos and games for school kids. Any young student can have access to the best collection of educational videos, games, quizzes, diagrams, and puzzles. These are stiffs that kids love.

NeoK12 Learning curve

  • Quiz games
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Flow charts
  • Vocabulary games
  • Create presentation
  • Puzzles
  • Brain games

Don’t worry about what your children will learn from the videos, for they have all been screened and approved by qualified K12 teachers. Does your child enjoy science games and videos? They are plentiful on this website.

18. Nova


NOVA offers educational materials in form of articles, videos, and more. A quick visit to the site shows what has just been added for your benefit.

NOVA topics

  • Military + Espionage
  • Physics + Math
  • Body + Brain
  • Tech + Engineering
  • Nature
  • Evolution
  • Space + Flight
  • Ancient Worlds
  • Planet Earth

You may click on WATCH on the site to view all the educational videos already uploaded. The good thing about the site is that it caters only to science and related subjects. The educational process here reflects the diverse voices of people across the globe.

19. Open Yale Courses

open yale
Open Yale

If you’re interested in this site, you’ll get access to a good selection of introductory Yale courses, all for free. These courses are made available by distinguished teachers and scholars at the university. The intention here is to expand access to educational materials for all those who wish to learn.

Features of Open Yale Courses

  • All lectures are recorded in the university classrooms
  • Courses are available in video, audio, and text formats
  • You don’t have to register to take a course
  • There are no course credits, degrees, or certificates available for these types of courses

20. OVO Video


OVO presents educational video entries on any list of topics. There are also video biographies. To get a better understanding of OVO, start by clicking on the navigational menu in the following order:

  • Pedia
  • Bio
  • Take
  • Intelligence
  • Think

On OVO, anyone can access thousands of educational videos covering a wide variety of topics are available. You don’t need to sign up to enjoy the educational services this platform offers.


No doubt, you must have benefited greatly from going through these 20 best free educational video websites. Did any of the portals strike you as being special? Surely, you must have found your favorite among them. The importance of these video websites is that they provide free sources of web videos that you can use in a variety of ways for classes. Who knows? You could just have seen one that is very appropriate for your class’ next video lesson.

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