What is HDMI Black Level in Samsung Smart TV?


Samsung Smart TV is popular now more than in the last decade. More users mean more questions about its use will be raised. People love smart TVs because when they have them, they can easily get access to a large number of channels offering various programs such as music and movies.

Smart TVs can be used without the use of antenna or subscription services through cable, or satellite service. Many smart TVs make it possible for you to browse the web, play games and also have access to other media that are stored on the computer.

These types of entertainment boxes are becoming very popular, and they have also thrown up a lot of words, phrases, or terms that many people don’t understand. Deeper terms in TV technology include words like HDMI, and black level; two terminologies we are considering in this write-up.

What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a signaling technology used to transfer information or data from one location to another. This is done by means of the HDMI cable. It is able to transmit digital signals between two devices such as a computer or DVD Player to a display device such as a TV.

The cable protects the information from degradation as it travels the length of the cable from one device to another. The data transferred can be both high-definition audio or video over a single cable. If you need to transmit high-quality data or information from one device to another, the best way to do it without losing quality is by means of an HDMI cable.

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Hdmi Black Level Samsung Screen
HDMI Black Level Samsung Screen

Understanding HDMI Black Level

Every detail you see in a movie or when you’re playing games on your TV represents a diverse message. There could be manipulation of light from one part of the screen to another part, which becomes crystal clear, or on another part seemingly dark. But these things have a purpose.

Black level on your TV screen means brightness level at the dark part of the television screen. However, just because that part is dark shouldn’t mean that part must be dull. To optimize a visual image displayed on the black level area, it must be properly optimized so that the right message can be passed to the viewer.

There is something known as the HDMI Black Level option in Samsung Smart TVs. It has to do with an HDMI input. Under a normal setting, the video level should be 16-235. But for the low level, which some refer to as the PC level, it is 0-255. There are those who say it is the other way round.

The HDMI Black Level low is able to set the enhancement for a deeper black level range, while the normal is able to set the level enhancement for what the device is sending. This is exactly what Samsung has published on the matter.


Which is Better? Low Level or Normal Level?

Let’s say for example that you want to set up your Xbox One. How would you do it? Should you leave it at TV option? Or should it be left at PC option? Some users have found that leaving the setting on PC Normal looks terrible, while the TV with HDMI Black Level low is good.

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Ordinarily, you would love to set the option at what the device is sending, which is reasonable but it can be terrible depending on the device you’re transmitting from. You should understand that there are differences in when you connect PS5 to a TV or you connect your laptop to a TV.

Hdmi Black Level Normal
HDMI Black Level Normal

What you should Strive to Achieve

You need bright pictures just like everyone who uses Samsung Smart TV. Look for balance as you choose options in HDMI black level options. What works for you may not work for another person. Unless they can help readjust your TV in such a way for you to enjoy the brightness level at the optimum for games or movies, better leave it the way you prefer.



When you’re trying to set the HDMI Black Level in your Samsung Smart TV, try to disable the TV backlight to a minimum, because sometimes, the backlight may interfere with the black level.

How to Enjoy your Movies on TV

HDMI Black Level can be set to normal or low. When viewing movies especially, to get the best of what film directors and colorists have done, the lowest level of black should not be seen or used on a TV. Furthermore, there is a disadvantage when the black level is too high because unwanted details will come to light. The best you can do is to begin the setting by running HDMI Black Level from 0. Yet, the best to do is explore all the settings available to you. On the other hand, it is recommended that you set the lowest or full black for games and desktop.

Why HDMI Black Level in Samsung TV

It has been found that black levels in some televisions are not enough as they should be. Samsung adopted the HDMI Black Level to solve this problem. This setting is meant to support the black level range on a Samsung television for an HDMI input. With this available, Samsung TV you can get the best color accuracy for your television.

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How to Set HDMI Black Level on Samsung Smart TV

So much has been discussed about this among Samsung fans online and offline. There doesn’t seem to be a definite answer that works for everyone. Another thing is that setting the HDMI Black Level of your own Samsung TV depends on the type of display the television has.

As mentioned above, there are two levels – either low or normal. Keep these options in mind as you set the HDMI Black Level on your Smart TV set.

Hdmi Black Level Low
TV Hdmi Black Level Low

Follow the steps below to achieve the right HDMI Black Level for your television.

  1. Click on Settings on your TV remote.
  2. Scroll to General on the Settings option, and click on it.
  3. Other options will show when you click on General. Click on External Device Manager, and wait for options to be displayed.
  4. Click on HDMI Black Level and put it on Low.

This is the best way to customize and have the best picture accuracy and excellent digital black level. Use it also, when you embark on gaming.


As you’ve read up here, the HDMI Black Level is good for Samsung Smart TV. It is not just for display, it is also for color richness. Whatever happens then, make sure you optimize the black level to the most fantastic picture quality.