Xiaomi inverter air conditioner sold throughout China

The Xiaomi segment specializing in green technologies, Zhimi Science and Technology, launched in August 2017 its latest inverter air conditioner model called Smartmi DC. The device was initially announced at the price of 4,399 Yuan (about 693.99 US Dollar in current quotation) and with limited sales to only eight cities in China – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Changzhou and Wuhan. Now air conditioning has finally had its sale released to the whole country.

The opening for the rest of China took place on Wednesday (24) through the Suning Tesco website, curiously maintaining the same price of its launch, 4,399 Yuan. The site also offers after sales services such as air conditioning installation.


On the product, the Smartmi DC offers above-average cost savings, even for inverter air conditioners, which are naturally more economical than the rest. In addition, the unit has a cooling capacity of 3,500W, a heating capacity of 4,500W and an air volume of 700m³ / h.


The air conditioning also has a NIDEC DC motor which ensures less noise, but without loss of efficiency, and can be controlled via the Smartmi Air app that allows temperature adjustment accurately in 0.1ºC house. The device is still limited only to the Chinese market, but it may be available to resellers for export in the future.

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