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The 4 most flagrant copies of the iPhone X that we can find on Android

TIME Magazine crowned the iPhone X as one of the inventions of the year 2017 and its descent is not for less – we know that Apple will launch 3 iPhone models in 2023 and all of them will have their unique design. Also, a consortium of Android manufacturers have joined forces precisely to develop technology similar to the Face ID – yes, in Android there was facial recognition before Apple, but it did not work anywhere near as the Face ID.

And the thing does not end here – as is already a tradition, in China everything that smells of iPhone is synonymous with success, so some manufacturers have proposed to take inspiration from the flagship of Apple to try to scratch sales as shamelessly as possible. They say that imitation is a form of admiration, because judging by these three cases, it can be concluded that the Android ecosystem admires everything that comes out of Apple.

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These are the four most apparent copies of the iPhone X on the market:

Oppo R13

Just two weeks after its release, the iPhone X already had a clone. Oppo R13, a firm that is an old name in the field of copying, came from China. As you can see, its front has a screen that occupies almost the entire display except for the notch. In the back, we find the dual camera in a vertical arrangement. Of course, there is no apple logo. I would miss more.

Little Pepper S11

We continue our review of the most blatant copies of the iPhone X with the Little Pepper S11, which has a 5.5-inch screen, notch on the front of which it is unknown if it indeed serves to unlock the terminal or is something aesthetic, dual camera vertical 13 + 8 megapixels and three configuration options – 1 GB of RAM + 16 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM + 32 GB of storage and 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, all of them expandable by microSD card.

Leagoo S9

Of course, if you want to pretend with this series of mobiles you have hit the nail on the head. The Leagoo S9 as you see also shares the design of the iPhone X and as in the previous case, forget the facial recognition because, despite the integrated notch, the unlocking is produced by fingerprint.


I have left the best for the end: this BLUBOO X not only looks a lot like the iPhone X but has some features that make it interesting. To begin with, a variation – the dual vertical camera is located in the central part of its rear. By the way, it will be 21mp and has been manufactured by Sony.

Its display is 5.99 inches, with AMOLED technology and Full HD + resolution. By the way, this can be unlocked by facial recognition. Yes, we do not know its reliability. Regarding hardware specifications, it will integrate 4 GB of RAM and 64 ROM and a piece of 5,500 mAh battery.

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