5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards in UAE & Dubai

Money is meant to be spent and you might have heard it that spending too much funds can leave you bankrupt. Well, it is true but spending more can also give you benefits. This is the case with cash back credit cards. With these cards, you earn a certain percentage of what you spend in cash.

Many banks in the UAE adopt this system of rewarding their customers and with the rise in competition among these banks, many of them are pushing out attractive offerings to customers. Though you get paid but there are still restrictions that apply to the cards and they depend on some factors such as the kind of purchase and so on. Here we’ve listed 5 best cash back cards available in the UAE…

Best Cash Back Credit Cards in UAE & Dubai

  1. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Cash Back Card

Adib Cashback Card 02
ADIB Cash Back Card

You can get cashback cards from ADIB as a reward when you use their cards. There are various cashback cards made available by ADIB and one of them is the ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card that earns you cash back when you use the card. As a reward, you get 1% cashback when you make any purchase with the card.

The withdrawal limit placed on the card is 100% and you have up to 55 days grace period for a monthly payment. You get the privileges to use Airport Lounges around the world via Veloce Lounge and free roadside assistance is also included. You are not charged for annual fees when you are a cardholder of four supplementary cards.

2. Citibank Citi Cash Back Card

2 Citibank Citi Cashback Card
Citibank Citi Cash back Card

Do you love to shop and you want a cashback facility to aid you in your shopping? Worry not! The Citibank Citi Cash back will enhance your shopping experience. Made available to you from being a cardholder of this cash back card are amazing discounts and cash backs. Not only that, but you also have access to flexible services that you enjoy from having the card. You are awarded cash back on the various purchases you make with international purchases included.

You get 3% cashback on international purchases, 2% on grocery and supermarket purchases and 1% goes for other expenditures. Coming to the annual fee, you are not charged for the first year. For the second year, the fee is waived off of the annual spend with is equal to AED 9000. If you don’t come to terms with this, you pay a fee of AED 300.

3. Standard Chartered Platinum Card

3 Standard Chartered Platinum Card
Standard Chartered Platinum Card

Standard Chartered Bank Platinum Card stands out in its cash back offers. For daily spending purposes like grocery shopping, entertainment, school fees, and dining, this card will prove useful. Some of the cash back privileges you enjoy are- Cashback of 1% on Domestic Purchases and cash back of 2% on International Purchases. You also get three 20% discounted Careem rides per month. Frequent shoppers can even up their savings from the AED 18000 per annum savings benefit that the card provides. For using the service, you are charged AED 525 every year.

4. Emirates Islamic Cash Back Plus Credit Card

4 Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card
Emirates Islamic Cash back Plus Credit Card

Another best platform that provides cash back cards is the Emirates Islamic Bank. They have one of the best cashback credit cards offering up to 10% cashback on education, dining, and Telecom. The Mazaya offers on this card grant you savings worth AED 3600 in a year. The exclusive privileges as a result of the EIB Mazaya offers let you have a whopping 30% off expenses.

And what of other privileges? Savings equivalent to AED 2400 a year; dining out expenses worth AED 2000. You have grocery bills to sort out, the cash back from Emirates Islamic Cash back gets you to save AED 200 every month by letting you earn up to 10% cash back. Use your card to secure complimentary access to Airport Lounges around the world.

5. FAB Cash Back Credit Card

5 Fab Cashback Credit Card
Fab Cash Back Credit Card

FAB Cash back Credit card offers generous cash back program in the UAE and if you’re interested in topping the amount you spend on groceries, you can subscribe to their program. Having this Card will give you a 5% cashback on supermarket spends. You are granted 5% cashback on utility payments and fuel; 2% cashback on all non-AED spends. Lounge access is also provided in UAE, KSA, Jordan, Kuwait, and Egypt by you having the card. You also get unlimited complimentary Airport Lounge access.

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