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5 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android 2023

While Android device currently coming into the market are having better speakers, there are still some smartphones that don’t sound loud. This can be bad especially when you can’t hear your caller or you want to listen to music in a noisy place. The good thing is that there are apps on the Google Play Store and they can boost the sound volume and even quality. Those apps are known as Volume Booster. With these apps, you can hear that music without much strain. This post will list out 5 best volume booster for Android.

5 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

  1. Equalizer

The best option for generally improving sound quality are equalizers. They can make you phone sound louder, and you can tame any distortion that may sound like side effect with the help of the frequency sliders. The simply named Equalizer is a good tool for this and it is good and simple. 11 preset sound profiles exist in Equalizer from where you can choose from. The paid version can allow you to create your own too. Just hit the Power button situated at the top-right corner to activate the sound amplifier. You can also try the Bass Boost which is great if you have quality headphones.


  1. Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro is an app that has a sleek user interface. With its beautiful UI, it offers many options without losing usability. It does not only perform the work of a volume booster but is also an excellent volume control panel that can easily adjust the sound emanating from your smartphone. It is possible to individually control voice, music, alarm and system sounds. This implies that if you want the app to boost your alarm and not your music, you can achieve that.


  1. Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio

Developed by MixIT, Volume Booster Sound Equalizer is one of the best sound boosters for Android. The app has a friendly user interface with an elegant yellow color. Though small in size, the app still packs lots of features  With just a click, the sound level in your phone can be boosted as well as sound quality. It can increase both speakerphone volume and headphones volume. It is also possible to customize sound per application in your Android device.


  1. Easy Volume Booster

This app helps you increase media and system volume significantly, thereby allowing you to hear someone properly while calling or while listening to music. What makes this app distinct is that it uses a custom algorithm to pair with the Android system equalizer to enhance sound quality and level. Naturally, that app works when a headphone is plugged in and on speakers. You can also boost the alarm volume of your smartphone when you don’t want to be late for that meeting. It has a UI, simple to understand and there are three icons for music, ringing volume, and alarms, so you can make changes as you desire.


  1. Volume Booster By GOODEV

This is a versatile volume booster app for Android. The app has capabilities of boosting the volume of either your headphones or phone speakers. While it’s not really developed to increase the call volume on your phone, it helps boosts the sound while music, audiobooks or movies are playing on your phone. Volume Booster is a powerful app. Its powerfulness is true that even the app developer stated that using the booster at high volumes for long periods of time may damage your speakers or your own hearing.


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