HomeA photo of the Apple iPhone 11 with a dual-camera camera was seen

A photo of the Apple iPhone 11 with a dual-camera camera was seen

Two new renders have been released, according to which the Apple iPhone 11 will be equipped with a rear triplex camera. These cameras come with a square inside flash behind the frame, like the Huawei P20.

We are talking about two new renders that are allegedly being filed by Apple in Engineering Validation Test (EVT), a development phase for the company’s new phones. The Macotakara website believes that perhaps the layout of cameras on the future phone of Apple is similar to the Huawei P20 Pro. This means the presence of three sensors and a flash in a square module.

These renders show the overall improvement of the monsters depicted in January last year. These new renders are completely different from the ones that were released last month from Apple’s future handsets. Apple’s fans also seem to prefer all camera sensors to come together as one set and oppose the cameras horizontally or vertically. At the same time, we must consider all the probabilities that exist, including the vertical configuration.

Three cameras on iPhone 11?

If Apple unveils three new phones, the logic determines that the number of cameras is the same, but each with different display size. Chinese Apple co-founders at Macotakara have said Apple has another plan. For example, the two models of the iPhone 11 (or the iPhone) and the 11 Plus (or the iPhone 4x) can use the same trilogy camera with the same configuration.

In other words, the two iPhone family of the iPhone 11 will use a dual camera with an additional camera on top of them. This method can be an unusual approach designed to appeal to more mobile phones. Of course, that does not mean that such a configuration is ideal for Apple iPhones in 2023. It’s not clear whether Apple wants to use this configuration in the family’s economic model (the new generation of X-Rays), but we’re likely to have a dual-camera device.

Unfortunately, the latest rumors that have been heard about the specifications of the camera of these phones, do not fit with these new renders, so they have to wait and see how these cameras are clear. Also, the third camera can be a ToF file to enhance the augmented reality functionality on iPhones.

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