The 24 best Chromecast apps in 2024 at a glance

The Chromecast makes every TV smart by adding a Wi-Fi connection to the TV. Then you can stream content to the Chromecast with different apps. Today we shall list the best Chromecast apps.

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You should not miss these Chromecast apps

Below we have made a selection of the 25 best Chromecast apps that are worthwhile. Do you have a supplement for this list? Let us know in the comments box below!

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youtube icon

YouTube videos can also be sent to the Chromecast. You do this by connecting to the Wi-Fi network that the Chromecast is connected to. Then a special cast icon automatically appears when the Chromecast is turned on.

The icon looks like a TV screen with a Wi-Fi signal. When you press the icon, you connect YouTube to the HDMI stick from Google. Then you can stream videos to the TV and create a special queue with other videos. Handy during a party if you want to play several music videos.

→ Download YouTube in Google Play (free) / download for iOS

Google Photos

google fotos

Google Photos was once part of Google+. The latter did have Chromecast support at the time, but that changed when the Google Photos app was introduced. Photos have Chromecast support built-in, allowing you to stream photos and videos from the cloud to your television. At the same time, it is also possible to browse through your snaps on your phone, without being shown on television.

When you open a photo in the app, it is automatically shown on the TV via the Chromecast. By swiping you switch from photo or video. It is logically necessary to back up your photos to Google Photos if you want to use this app.

→ Download Google Photos in Google Play (free) / download for iOS

Google Play Music

play music

With Play Music you can stream music to the Chromecast, so you can put a tune in the living room. You can also upload your own music to Google’s servers. Convenient, because not all artists can be found on Play Music. This way you can listen to your favorite tracks anywhere in the world.

The service offers tens of millions of songs and an All Access subscription costs 9.99 euros per month. Via the Android app, you can stream music to the Chromecast – useful for those who have linked a set of nice boxes to the TV.

→ Download Play Music in Google Play (free) / download for iOS


netflix icoon

Netflix is the ‘Spotify for video’ for Dutch users. For 9.99 euros per month, you can watch unlimited series and movies and the offer is certainly not wrong. From modern classics like House of Cards and Stranger Things to promising new series like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Terrace House, Netflix has it all.

All content from Netflix can also be streamed to Chromecast with the built-in Cast button, which appears when the Google HD drive is enabled and you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The tablet or smartphone can then be used as a remote control, for example, to pause a video or switch on the English subtitles.

→ Download Netflix in Google Play (free) / download for iOS


plex app

Plex is a media center service that makes content available on different devices. The service is mainly used to index films and series and make them available on other devices. This allows you to stream local content on your PC, laptop or network drive to the Chromecast via the Android app. Very handy and simple, with a nice interface.

Your Android device is used as a remote control. The special Plex channels also allow you to view broadcasts from Program Missed and RTL XL. The streams of such parties are then sent via Plex to the Chromecast.

→   Download Plex in Google Play (free) / download for iOS

NPO Start

npo app

The NPO Start app for Android supports the Chromecast, making it possible to stream programs and series from your smartphone or tablet to the TV. The NPO worked with Google to “have the best possible experience” ?? to develop the Android app. However, the broadcasts are streamed to the Chromecast at a maximum of 342p, which is less than an HD resolution.

Via the cast button on a broadcast, you can stream the images to the TV. The button will appear at the top right of the Android app as soon as you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast.

→ Download NPO in Google Play (free) /   download for iOS


nos icon

It has been possible for a while with the NOS app to make videos, broadcasts and live streams on the big screen of, for example, your television. If you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast, the familiar Cast icon appears at the top of the screen. Press it, and the relevant video is streamed to the Chromecast.

In addition to broadcasts, live streams can also be streamed to the Chromecast via the internet. So you do not even need a TV package.

→ Download NOS in Google Play (free) / download for iOS

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio kl1

TuneIn Radio has a huge selection of radio stations that you can listen to via a data connection. It is also possible to subscribe to podcasts via TuneIn Radio and to listen to local radio stations. Chromecast integration also allows the sound of the app to be played through the TV’s sound system.

The app is available for both smartphones and tablets and has a responsive design for different screen sizes. Through an in-app purchase, you can, among other things, remove the ads in the app.

→ Download TuneIn Radio in Google Play (free) / download for iOS

Google Home

googlehome icon

The Google Home app is the meeting point for your Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and Google Home. With the app you can set up, manage and operate the device. The application is also the place where you can find and watch all sorts of trending videos, and thus stream directly to the Chromecast.

In the Listening tab, music apps such as Spotify and Google Play Music are collected so that you can quickly play music on the Chromecast. Handy is the Discover tab, where you can find all kinds of cool apps that work with the Chromecast.

→ Download Chromecast in Google Play (free)  / download for iOS


spotify icon

A popular app that should not be missing in this list is Spotify. Spotify has been supporting the gadget of Google for a while and this makes it possible to stream music directly to your television. Streaming is very easy – choose a song and the Chromecast appears as the playback device by default.

From your Android device, you can determine exactly which songs are played on your television or speaker, without affecting the battery life of the smartphone. In the settings of the app, you can further select other devices at any time to stream audio too.

→ Download Spotify in Google Play (free) / download for iOS


allcast nieuw.jpg

Do you want to stream your photos, videos, and music from your Android device to Chromecast? Which can! AllCast can send such content to Google’s HDMI stick, among other devices, such as Apple TV, Xbox One, smart TVs from Samsung and Panasonic, Google TV and DLNA and Roku devices. Handy for showing holiday photos and videos, or showing the latest photos of your newborn child.

In addition, it is possible to stream the wallpapers from Muzei to the Chromecast, in order to select a nice background for your TV. The wallpaper app Muzei has long been one of the most popular apps to customize your Android.

→ Download AllCast in Google Play (free) / download for iOS



GamingCast streams retro games to the Chromecast. There are already some available, such as Snake and Tetris, which you can then play on the TV with GamingCast. When you start GamingCast, you can stream the app to your Chromecast using the dedicated cast button. You will then see a home screen with the available games.

Via your smartphone or tablet, you select the game, and you also control it. There is a very slight delay between your device and the TV, but the four games are fine with GameCast to play.

→ Download GamingCast in Google Play (free)


kodi icon

Kodi is the starting point for anyone who wants to create their own Android media center. The free open source app, formerly called XBMC, turns every device into a hub for your multimedia and then lets you stream it to a television via your Chromecast.

The idea is to put your own multimedia on a device, then link Kodi to the Chromecast, and the Cast icon will appear on the screen. Handy, user-friendly and fast – that’s Kodi in a nutshell.

→ Download Kodi in Google Play (free)



LocalCast is similar to AllCast – the Android app lets you stream local media (videos, photos or music files) from your smartphone or tablet to the Chromecast. In addition, it is possible to send media from other apps to the Chromecast.

You do this via the sharing function of Android, where you can send the specific content of a particular app via LocalCast to the Chromecast. The app is provided with advertisements. If you want to remove it, you can remove the ads by means of an in-app purchase.

→ Download LocalCast in Google Play (free) / download for iOS

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Dayframe turns the Chromecast into an interactive wallpaper slideshow. The photos can come from your Android device, but also Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter and many more social media and other services.

You have the option to use the limit of the screensaver, the rotation speed, and zoom in on images via your Android device. Via in-app purchases, you can unlock more features, such as the specific slideshow for the Chromecast.

→ Download Dayframe in Google Play (free)



The Twitch app for Android also has support for the Chromecast. This allows you to watch videos from your favorite livestreamers on the larger screen, so you are no longer bound to the smaller display of your Android. Just like with the Netflix app, for example, a Cast icon appears on each video that you need to press to stream content. The app works simply and quickly and is continuously updated.

Great is that the Twitch app turns all devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network into a remote control. For example, if you just switched on a video with your Android, a friend or family member with an iPhone can still determine what is being played on the TV.

→ Download Twitch in Google Play (free) / download for iOS

Pocket Casts


Podcast enthusiasts have a hard time with Android because the high-quality podcast apps are not available for Google Play. Pocket Casts, which is optimized for both Android smartphones and tablets, works via RSS feeds, synchronizes over all your mobile devices, automatically tracks ‘smart playlists’ with what you still have to listen to and lets you quickly switch between video ( for wifi) and only audio (on the go).

In addition, the app also offers a handy control bar in the notification section of Android so you can quickly operate the app, also in combination with the Chromecast. Pocket Casts does have a price tag, but it really comes into its own when the app is used on several mobile devices. His prize is well worth it.

→ Download Pocket Casts in Google Play (paid) / download for iOS

Cast Store


No longer do you have to search through search engines to find out which Android apps now support the Chromecast. With Cast Store, you will see all applications in the Play Store that work together with the Google dongle. Who knows, you might come across some nice programs that you did not even know existed.

The lists in Cast Store you can sort by topicality, name, and rating by other Android users. In the app, you can also use the search function so that within seconds you can know whether your favorite app already supports the smart HDMI stick.

→ Download Cast Store for Android in Google Play (free)

FOX Sports

fox icon

Football fans with a Chromecast cannot ignore the FOX Sports app. If you have a FOX Sports GO subscription, you can easily stream Eredivisie matches to the Chromecast. Choose a match, wait until the image is loaded on your Android device, and then tap the familiar Cast icon.

Unfortunately, the Chromecast support from FOX Sports does not work optimally. The app has a tendency to drop out, and with a lesser internet connection problems arise quickly. Nevertheless, the FOX Sports app is the easiest way to stream to your TV via your Android football.

→ Download FOX Sports in Google Play  (free) / download for iOS

YouTube Gaming

youtubegaming icon

YouTube Gaming is Google’s own app that lets you easily stream your videos and live streams of games. All popular games now have their own page, so it’s easy to find a video or live stream of a game you’re looking for. Just like on YouTube, you can follow individual channels, so that you can keep up to date with new videos and live streams.

The search function in YouTube Gaming is (obviously) also focused on video games. According to Google, this means that you will encounter Call of Duty more than the music video of Call Me Maybe at the search term ‘call’. Just like with Twitch, there is also a chat function available so that you are in direct contact with the streamer.

→ Download YouTube Gaming in Google Play  (free) / download for iOS


dailymotion icon

Dailymotion is, just like YouTube and Vimeo, a video service that is also available on Android. Some prefer Dailymotion because videos are removed less quickly than with YouTube so that for example summaries of sports broadcasts (Dutch football, for example) can be viewed for longer.

Chromecast support allows users to stream videos from the app to the Chromecast. The app gets a Chromecast icon that plays the content on the TV.

→ Download Dailymotion in Google Play (free) / download for iOS


castpad icon

With CastPad you can sketch and take notes on your Chromecast. On the screen of your Android you make drawings or write short texts, and CastPad ensures that this is streamed directly to your television. The app works simply and quickly and contains various settings to adjust a few things. CastPad is also able to send sketches to other devices connected to the Chromecast.

However, the possibilities of the free version of CastPad are rather limited. You can choose from five different colors (black, white, blue, red and yellow) and you only have one brush at your disposal. For more extensive options you have to purchase the Premium version by means of an in-app purchase of 2.18 euros.

→ Download CastPad in Google Play (free)

Video stream


Video stream is the Chrome extension that every Chromecast user must have. At least, only if you do not use a media server and still like to stream local files from your PC or laptop to the Chromecast. And that’s handy because the installation is easy and the extension is also free.

Video stream plays most video formats up to a maximum of 1080p resolution and subtitles are also supported. At the moment the extension only plays mp4 and mkv files (and not all of them, because some codecs are not playing yet), but our test shows that almost all videos are played. Video stream can be downloaded here as a Chrome extension, below you can install the remote app for Android and remotely control your video files.

→ Download Videostream Chromecast – Remote on Google Play (free)  / download for iOS

Video country

videoland icon

The Videoland app also has support for the Chromecast. Handy, because you can easily stream some exclusive series like Lost, Handmaid’s Tale and Temptation Island VIPs to your television. With the app, you can create a profile for up to five people, for which Videoland gives personal recommendations. So you always have something nice to stream.

Videoland’s offer is not as extensive as that of Netflix, but the company promises that new films and series are regularly added. For Videoland you do need an account and subscription.

→ Download Videoland in Google Play (free) / download for iOS


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