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If you are accepted into the Opera newsfeed program, is one of the few referral links you can use from the Opera newsfeed.

This is a sign that your application to be included in the Opera newsfeed has been accepted, and you can now earn from the platform. However, just like Google news feed, Opera feed has a minimum requirement that must be met before a website can be accepted into the feed. is similar to However, the only difference is that is powered by a content delivery network to improve the site speed and performance, while is a sub-category in the Opera newsfeed.


Technology has helped us advance and is now an essential part of our lives. I remember there was a time when newspapers or local TV and radio were the only available news source. With the innovations of technology, I no longer need to stay up for 7 am news or buy a newspaper to get acquinted with latest happenings around me and globally. In the present technology-enhanced world, it’s very rare to come by people reading a newspaper. This is because there are various websites that brings you the latest and trending news around the world. Opera News is one of the most reliable online news feed of this time

Opera news feed uses CDN af feednews com as a referral URL to refer users to websites or blogs where the news or article a user is reading originated from. Opera news feed uses the referral link to redirect users to websites that have been added to the Opera news feed.

Website owners whose application for their websites to be added to the Opera news feed has been accepted get their sites published on the Opera news feed. Notwithstanding, Opera news has minimum requirements that must be met before a website will be added to the feed just like other news feed such as Google news.

Just like the news af feednews com, the CDN af feednews com is built to serve a similar purpose. The only difference here is that is powered by a content delivery network system which enhances and boosts site performance and speed while news af feednews com is a sub-category in the Opera news feed.

Opera news feed is an online feed reader used to keep track of updates to blogs. It displays properly verified content from other websites. The Opera News Feed is majorly for content management companies or website owners to add their website to the Opera feed news as a means to generate organic traffic to their website. Rather than depending only on search engines for traffic.

However, the CDN af feednews com is just a referral link that redirects users from the Opera mini news feed to the websites where the articles were being sourced from. It doesn’t host any news/content on its own.

What is

As already mentioned above, is a redirecting URL in Opera news feeds that refer visitors from Opera news feed to article sources. However, this isn’t the only redirecting URL on the Opera news feed, other URLs such as news af feednews com, and news af dailyadvent com are all referral links from Opera news. The way you see results for search queries on Google and referral links from Yahoo news, bing, ask search engines, and others so also is the cdn af feednews com as the Opera mini newsfeed referral link.

In most cases, is a redirection for visitors on a desktop or PC. While for users on mobile, you should see as the referral link.
So, anytime a user comes to a portal or sees the cdn af feednews com on a page or web portal it simply implies that the visitor is accessing the page or site from the Opera news feed and perhaps, the visitor is using a laptop or desktop computer.

Is cdn af feednews com Safe for mobile phones and computers

Yes, is very safe. It’s a URL from the Opera mini newsfeed that redirects visitors to the content source. You will probably see as well as a traffic source on your dashboard under refer, that’s if you’ve been accepted into the Opera news feed.

Anytime you see the cdn af feednews com or news af feednews com it means that the traffic is coming or the visitor got to know about your article from the Opera news either on Opera mini browser newsfeed or the Opera news app or on your smartphone quick access where you have access to trending topics.

Does cdn af feednews com contain a Virus?

No! The is not a virus or spam link. It’s a URL from the Opera newsfeed to the site or blog from which the article is being sourced. However, before a website is accepted to be part of the Opera newsfeed, it would have to undergo a thorough screening to make sure that the website is free from viruses.

Should you Block the CDN AF Feednews Com

Is there a way you can block the cdn af feednews com or news af feednews com? No. The cdn at feednews com cannot be blocked. The URL is generated by Opera mini news feed and the universal resource locator is unparalleled.

However, if you feel the need to block the link from your site you will have to request that your website be removed from the Opera mini news feed. It may take some time to get a response from the Opera news feed team that the cdn af feednews com has been blocked from gaining access to your website and they may choose not to reply to the mail by granting your request without a response.

But It’s possible to block on your smartphones, and computers.

How to Block on Computer

This trick cannot only be used to block the cdn af feednews com on your computer but also other unwanted websites on your computer. Once the website is blocked from your computer, you will not be able to access the website again.

  • Sign in to your PC or laptop as an administrator.
  • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • Right-click on the “host” file and open it with a “NotePad.”
  • Go to the end of the host file line and type
  • Save the changes.
  • Done.

The cdn af feednews com website will be blocked on your computer once you’re done with the setup above. Meanwhile, you can block as many as possible websites by adding them to the host files but it must be one IP address per line.

How to Block cdn af feedsnews com on Mac

For mac users, the approach is slightly different. Therefore, I will walk you through the steps to block cdn-af on your macOS device.

  • Sign in to your Mac computer as an administrator.
  • Go to “Applications/Utilities/Terminal.”
  • Type Sudo nano /etc/hosts and click the “Enter” button.
  • Sign in when you are required to do so.
  • The file editor will open in file /etc/hosts
  • Scroll down to the last line and type
  • Save the “Changes.”
  • Flush your DNS or restart the Mac device to fix all logs and make sure it works without any glitches.

How to Block on iPhone

The Apple parental control makes it very easy to block cdn af feednews com on your iOS mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

  • Navigate to your iPhone settings >> general >> restrictions.
  • Tap on “Enable Restriction.”
  • Input your restriction passcode
  • Scroll down and click on “Website.”
  • Input the website to block. “”

Use the parental control feature to set what website your children will have access to. Meanwhile, for additional security, you should make sure the restricted passcode should be different from the password that unlocks your iPhone.

How to Block on Android

It is an easy feat to block a website on a rooted Android phone but a bit difficult on a phone that is not rooted. Root access makes it extremely easy to edit the host file directly and block any kind of website or IP address. However, in this case, we will be making use of a file manager that makes it easy to edit or remove system files. It’s called “ES File Explorer.”

Go to the Google Play store to download and install the ES File Explorer. Skip this process if you have the app installed already.

Open the ES File Explorer and tap on the app menu at the top right.

  • Tap on “Local >> Device >> System >> etc.
  • Tap “Host” >> “Text ” >> “ES File Editor.”
  • Click on the “Edit” tab at the top.
  • Type “” without the quotes.

In this article, I’ve given you details on all you need to know about cdn af feednews com and how you can restrict access to the website on all your devices.


Opera News feed is quite user-friendly and easy to use. You can get access to the Latest happenings and events with credible information around them, ranging from politics, sports, entertainment, etc. Opera news uses cdn-af-feednews-com to provide information to users who are willing to stay updated with trending news and get articles on the latest events around them. I use Opera news as my online news source because of its credibility and reliability.

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