How To Change The Look Of Any Website On Your PC Browser

Change The Look Of Any Website
Change The Look Of Any Website

Do you find the designs of websites that you visit on your PC browser boring? Or maybe you would like to customize their look to your taste. This is possible with a browser add-on called Stylish.

Since not everybody is going to be satisfied with the design choice of web designers, guys at came up with a browser add-on that allows PC users to customize the look of most websites that they visit.

How To Change The Look Of Any Website On Your PC Browser

Stylish is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac OS) and Opera browsers for PC. For this tutorial, we shall be using Google Chrome browser.

  • Firstly, to get started, download and install the Stylish add-on from the Chrome web store.

  • Click the Stylish icon at the top right corner of your browser to launch it. Stylish does not come with pre-installed styles, so you’d have to download them.
  • Next, log on to a website on your browser; under the Stylish menu, click on the “Find more styles for this site link” to get more styles for that particular site (if available).
  • You would be taken to a list of all the themes and skins available for that website. When you find a theme or a skin that you like, click on it to open its page.
  • Click on the “Install with Stylish” button to add the style to Chrome.
  • Finally, after installing the theme, click on the theme to enable it for that site.

You can also manage your downloaded themes and skins with stylish. This gives you the option to edit, disable or delete your installed styles.

  • To do this, click on the Manage installed styles link at the bottom of the Stylish menu.
  • A new tab opens where you can manage all your installed styles with the option to also check for updates on the styles or create your own styles – using the write new style option.

You can do the same for other browsers, however with some subtle changes.

That would be all for now. Although there are several other add-ons and methods to change the look of websites on your browser, the Stylish add-on remains one of the easiest and best at doing that. Please drop your comments in the comments box below.



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