CHOETECH 5 Coils Dual Wireless Charger Review – Qi fast wireless charging pad for iPhone, Samsung and others

Choetech T535-S is a dual fast Wireless charging pad to charge multiple smartphones at the same time simultaneously. Here is a detailed review of the Choetech dual wireless charger.

CHOETECH T535 S PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Pad 009
CHOETECH T535 S PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Pad 009

Since our daily use gadgets are growing in number, charging them each becomes a big nuisance. To solve it, not only the main brands of the products themselves but also companies like Choetech are coming out with new ways to make the charging experience more convenient at the same time.

Most of the latest generation devices come with an integrated wireless charging function and to be able to charge them simultaneously, we can choose a quality product such as the Choetech 5 Coils Dual Wireless Charger.

Choetech 5 coil wireless charging pad

In this article, we’ll take a look at the brand new dual coil wireless charger (model T535-S). After using it for a few days here is what we think.

The Choetech charger with 5 charging coils offers a fast wireless charging at high levels even if two smartphones are placed on its charging area. As for compatibility, this device supports Qi wireless charging, to which most, if not all, devices are compliant.

Wireless Choetech Wireless Charger Review

What’s inside the Choetech charger box

Let’s see what is inside the box as we unbox the T535-S PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Pad.

Sharing the unboxing experience, it’s quite simple. Choetech’s 5-coil wireless charger comes in a white box designed similarly to other brand wireless charging accessories.

Inside, we find in addition to the pad a USB Type-C cable compatible with fast charging. No charger is included, which is not surprising given that all these accessories reduce costs by allowing the user to use the quick charger supplied with their smartphone. Fortunately, if you don’t have a fast charger, this charger would still work, but at a considerably lower speed.


Choetech 5 coils wireless charger design- Lightweight, Slim, Great Quality

T535-S PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Pad design comes with the perfect skin with hostile to slip PU calfskin surface, gives smooth and current style, as well as keeps your smartphone from sliding off. On the downside, it has the few rubber sticks which allow this charger to not move about and help keep your pad fixed to the surface you placed it.

It is lightweight, which allows you to carry it anywhere without any trouble. On one side, it has the USB Type C port which is the newest technology, and on the other side of it, there is the LED which shows either your smartphone is charging or not. the green light means it’s charging. If it beeps continuously it means it’s ready to use.


The charger has a layout that can accommodate multiple devices on the flat surface. The dimensions are large enough to hold two large 6.5 / 7-inch smartphones. The charger with 5 coils is covered in eco-leather to provide greater grip with smartphones and to prevent them from accidentally slipping.

In the lower part of the pad, we find some vent holes that allow cooling the circuits in the pad during charging.

Choetech battery charger output power with 5 coils

Choetech 5 Coils Dual Wireless ChargerHighlights

  • Rest Friendly

Delicate green LED light enlightens while putting your telephone on the cushion to show the gadget in the right position, charging has effectively begun, and after that have a decent rest.

  • Warmth Dissipation Hole

The base is outfitted with different warmth dissemination gaps to keep the telephone cool and effective charging.

  • Security Features

Worked in over-charging and over temperature circuit assurance, never cheats your battery or squanders vitality.

A key factor for wireless chargers is the overall power. Qi wireless charging was introduced years ago and technology has evolved a lot since then.

The main advantage of the Choetech charger is that it has 5 coils that allow faster battery recharging. Thanks to the 5 coils, it is unlikely that you will have a not perfect battery recharge.

There are three charging modes ranging from a maximum of 10W to a value slightly lower than 7.5W and therefore a minimum of 5W. The selection of the mode depends on the device placed on the pad and it is not possible to manually select the charging power.

Thanks to these multiple modes, even if the smartphone does not support the maximum charging power it can still use the pad. The best thing is that the Choetech 5-coil wireless charger can deliver its maximum 10W power on two devices simultaneously!

In our tests, charging is reliable and is just as fast on every device – it takes about 2.5 hours on a 4000mAh smartphone for less than 10% of the battery to fully charge. We think that the most used scenario is the recharging of a smartwatch and a smartphone at the same time – so this charger is a bit excessive but still great. However, if you charge two phones at the same time, this pad is the one to buy because it will quickly charge both phones!

To operate the pad you need to use a charger that is not included in the package but you can use the one that comes with your smartphones. But for speed, I will love to recommend to you the CHOETECH 18W USB C Power Delivery Charger for iPhone & Android.

The fastest charger that this wireless pad can support is 9V on 3A (27W). If you connect a charger with lower nominal power, the pad will work equally but with reduced performance. Furthermore, to get the maximum energy efficiency, a good quality USB type C cable is also included.

In conclusion, the Choetech 5-coil dual wireless charger proves to be a reliable and indispensable accessory for any desk support. Its reliable 10 W double charging capacity, the practical design with faux leather and the standard USB Type-C use make the charger an object to have on your desk.

You can buy the Choetech 5-coil charger from the official website or on Amazon at a cost starting from $39.99.


  • Features 5-Coils allowing free range of where you place your smartphone if you’re only charging one
  • You can charge two Qi-compatible smartphones at the same time
  • Fast Wireless Charging available for Samsung phones and iPhones, too
  • Comes with a Quick Charge wall charger and a USB-C Cable
choetech-5-coils-dual-wireless-charger-reviewCHOETECH 5 Coils Dual Wireless Charger Review - Qi fast wireless charging pad for iPhone, Samsung and others


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