DIFOO Monocular Telescope – Enjoy Stargazing, Hunting, Hiking, & More

From time to time, you may be thinking of doing something new, a thrilling prospect. The DIFOO Monocular Telescope helps you to see this world in a different light.  You can use it for several things, and it will only add to your pleasure. Maybe in the process, you’ll learn many new things.

What is DIFOO Monocular Telescope?

It is a small but mighty device that can be set up since it comes with the smartphone Holder Tripod. Those who love making many out-of-town trips will especially find it very good when it comes to using the telescope. It is a portable, affordable, and functional item that everyone should have.

In addition to stargazing, you can also use this telescope at musical concerts, at football games held in the stadium, and you can do bird watching. You can be confident that far-away images will be clearer and undeformed.

It comes with a tripod mount, a standard ¼ mount, just in case you don’t want to hold it in your hand. As you make use of it, you’ll see that the configuration is very rich as well.

Difoo Telescope

Main Specs of DIFOO Monocular Telescope

Model Name DF-01
Objective Lens Diameter 50 Millimeters
Focus Type Manual
Weight 460 grams
Exit Pupil 4.2 Millimeters

DIFOO Monocular Telescope Design

It comes with an HD Wide Angle lens which offers an optimal field of view, and the lenses are best suited for scenery that could require seeing into a far distance. The materials used to manufacture it are strong and durable. The rubber shell and other areas feel absolutely excellent.

Hold it with just one hand, and you would not be tired because the ergonomic materials used to manufacture it makes it lightweight. Note too that it comes with deep waterproof technology. Since you are expected to be using it out of doors, the best has been done to secure it from damage by rain, fog, dust, and other things.


How to Use DIFOO Monocular Telescope

The telescope is suitable as a gift for men and women, and even teenagers. Just take note that any outdoor enthusiast would love this as a gift coming from you.

As you hold it with one hand, you can also adjust the brightness with another hand. The DIFOO Monocular Telescope is equipped with a BAK4 prism rotation button. Turn it to get the possible best view of the image you’re viewing.

Precautions When Using the Telescope

Just because the DIFOO Monocular Telescope is waterproof doesn’t mean it can survive in heavy rain. Don’t use it exposed if the rain is heavy.  Store it in a safe dry place when not in use for a long time. Wipe the lens only with a dry soft cloth. Take note that it won’t help you see things in the dark, so don’t stress yourself. Try zooming if the image you’re getting seems not clear enough.

DIFOO Monocular Telescope Price

At the present time, you can save $13 when you buy DIFOO Monocular Telescope at $56.99 on Amazon.


People choose the DIFOO Monocular Telescope because it is affordable when they compare the price with what it can do. Add the fact that it is of decent quality. The accessories it comes with make the use so easy, seeing this a gadget that must be carried around. When you put your cell phone on the holder, you will find it easy to do more with it.

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