Ekster Parliament Wallet – Best Way to Get Organized for Shopping

Wallets are everywhere but the hunt for a perfect wallet is a tough job. The Ekster Parliament Wallet is one of the wallets you can consider if you want a slim item that makes it easy for you to access stuff like credit cards.

What is Ekster Parliament Wallet?

The wallet is a slim wallet, one that people who don’t want any of their body parts to bulge love to use. Ekster Wallet is primarily designed to carry mostly cards. Also, if you wear slim-fit clothing, this wallet is a must for you.

It saves you from embarrassment. Think about it, sometimes, it is possible to count someone’s cash as it bulges from the outside of their pockets. It is not something many of us look forward to.

You could have a good solution for carrying your cards around. For example, someone may have a wallet that carries cards easily, no complaint. Others have complained that once their cards come in contact with their wallets, something seems to go wrong. Hotel keycards or other cards may become useless once they are housed regularly inside a wallet.

Even though some people love their wallets so much, they may discover that one thing they like about the wallet is also the reason they should ditch it. But Ekster Wallet is unique, and it comes at a good price as well.

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Ekster Wallet

Ekster Parliament Wallet Design

You can see in the pictures, this is a beautiful wallet. It looks rich with its supple feel. The brown color can be compared to rich chocolate. The accents n it is all black though. But the good thing is that once you see it, you get that feeling that someone intelligent manufactured the Ekster Parliament Wallet.

The branding isn’t intense and the manufacturer didn’t intend to spread it all in your face. Find the ‘E’ that identifies the brand outside of the wallet, on the bottom right.

There’s a red compartment made of aluminum. This area is able to hold up to six credit cards. You can access them through a trigger-like button on the bottom left of the wallet. The trigger opens the wallet, pops out the cards out of the holster in descending order, which makes it easy for you to select the one you want without any trouble. It is that simple.

There are other pockets for storage as well, two inside the front flap, and one at the back. There’s a tracking chip that transforms the wallet into a sleek leather smart wallet. At the same time, it helps to make the wallet unlosable.


Ekster Parliament Wallet RFID Protection

This technology helps to safeguard you from the ever-growing menace of electronic pickpocketing. Use it so that this integrated technology will keep the skimmers at bay.

Ekster Parliament Wallet Price

It sells for just $89.00 on Amazon.

The Biggest Selling Point for Ekster Parliament Wallet

Yes, your cards will fit snuggly into the wallet, without giving you the appearance that you’re carrying that many cards. Of course, you may have to go without some cards but you will enjoy carrying the ones that matter the most. And here’s the big selling point- The Ekster Parliament Wallet does no harm whatsoever to your cards the way some top-notch wallets could.

Try it and you may find that the wallet exceeds your expectations.

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