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Finally It Is Possible To Pay Contactless On Huawei Smartphones

Thanks to the partnership with Curve, payments via NFC arrive on Huawei smartphones so as to exploit them such as Google Pay and Apple Pay

Since the BAN hit Huawei devices, the Chinese company has always fought to create its own ecosystem that bypasses not only the possibility of buying American hardware but also that of creating a real ecosystem that would make up for the lack. services and Google apps.

With the HMS, the Huawei Mobile Services, it offers developers a series of services to make applications work correctly and replace the GMS, Google services, so that the applications, appropriately modified, work without problems on Huawei devices without GMS.

While almost all apps have worked in the last two years, only some Google apps don’t work properly, the only thing that doesn’t work completely is Google Pay. This is because every device that uses Google Pay must pass security standards and receive a very strict certification, which is linked to the device and therefore cannot be circumvented in any way.

Huawei Pay
Huawei Pay

In fact, it is not possible to pay contactless using the NFC of the Huawei smartphone. However, this seems to be overcome, thanks to Huawei’s close partnership with Curve, which will use HMS to pay contactless thanks to NFC just like Google Pay and its counterpart for iPhone, Apple Pay.

How to pay with NFC with Huawei smartphones

Owners of Huawei phones using HMS can now download the Curve app from the AppGallery store, register, and start using it right away. The best part is that users can benefit from Curve’s native features and for the first 30 days you can get a 1% refund on virtually everything you buy or a 5% refund on anything purchased from Huawei’s online stores.

The offer is available to customers in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Just like most banking apps, Curve can track your expenses, view statistics, and work with most European bank cards.

One of the great features includes a “Go back in time” option that allows you to charge a different card in case you used the wrong card in-store. There’s also the funny-named “anti-embarrassment” feature that automatically charges the next card on your list if the first is declined.

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