Limited Edition Fossil Q x Cory Richards Stylish high quality Smartwatch

In the past few years, Fossil has made a name for itself in the smartwatch world with its fashionable Android Wears which is an alternative to fancied smartwatches in the wearable market. In one of its latest, it collaborates with the popular National Geographic photographer Cory Richards in the design of its new special edition smartwatch.

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Cory Richard has been one Fossil’s longtime fan, this model was designed after the Fossil Blue he wore in his twenties. Although the Cory Richards design took inspiration from the photographer’s love for Fossil watches, it’s not built purely for adventure.Its build is similar to the Fossil Q Marshal just with few differences in its design and inspiration. With a price tag of about $325 the smartwatch is definitely classic, the stainless steel body feels every bit as premium on the wrist as it looks. It comes with a leather and metal strap included in the package so you can choose the option that best matches your outfit and looks on a daily.

It has an IP67 dust and water resistance certification which is suitable for an adventurer like Richard. There is a grungy feature for the Cory Richards face which browns up whatever color is chosen whether black, green, blue, silver, or yellow.The smartwatch has a 45mm body watch face with a thickness of 14mm. It still, however, retains the tachymeter ring style around the watch face which makes the design kind of look recycled.

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There is a crown present at the side which is still a button press with no rotating motion, unlike other watches which uses the rotating feature to navigate through the menu on display. Although it is a big watch and might not be suitable for small wristed individuals, it is a perfect fit when you have a big wrist and is sure to attract attention in a good way. The Android Wear does not look like most smartwatches which have smartness written all over it and have this unique traditional look.

About the bands, rather than a single band of your choosing, you will get two straps when you purchase the Cory Richard smartwatch. There is a metallic link strap with high quality and feels comfortable around the wrist. The real deal here is the signed leather strap with stitched lines that beautifies the leather band and metal rings. The leather strap is soft and comfortable with an incredible look that perfectly portrays the Cory Richard touch. The leather strap loops behind the watch to give a suitable padding between the wrist and the watch. The strap is however replaceable with any 22mm strap of your choice.

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Features that are absent include heart rate sensor which means if you are on the lookout for a fitness tracking device then this is not for you. Also, there is no GPS nor is there a built-in NFC chip. However, you have features like an Android Wear 2.0, Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor chip, 512MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage. The battery lasts for a whole day and might even survive till the quarter of the next day on light usage.

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