Honor Band 6 – Cheap Health/Fitness Tracker

The reason why many people love this fitness tracker, Honor Band 6 is that it offers great choices and features when it comes to health and fitness. The better part is that the fitness tracker can be acquired at a budget price.

Overview of Honor Band 6

This fitness tracker is the follow-up to Honor Band 5, which also had a high rating back in 2024. People loved it for its features and price too. Now, the Honor Band 6, released in 2024 has been upgraded to offer even more features for those who like the performance of the fitness tracker.

The Honor Band 6 comes in several colors; there’s gray, and there’s black. It is basically good for several reasons such as (1) blood oxygen monitoring. This is a very vital area to look into regarding our health. The fitness watch gathers information and monitors blood oxygen data so you can better understand your health. However, that data can’t be used as medical data. (2) it measures a 24-hour heart rate. The Honor Band 6 lets you know when your heart rate is too high or too low. It also lets you know when you can see a doctor. (3) It can help you predict the menstrual cycle every month. The smartwatch can allow you not to worry before every special moment comes.

Honor Band 6 Grey
Honor Band 6 Grey

Honor Band 6 Display & Design

The Honor Band 6 design reminds us of Huawei. Although Honor left Huawei to carry on business on its own, this design still took a lot from Huawei smartwatches. It also uses the same software and Huawei Health companion app to get things set up.

However, Band 6 departs from Huawei than Band 5 in some respects. The watch straps are either black, grey, or pink. They are non-removable.

Honor Band 6 display comprises a larger 1.47-inch 194 x 368 resolution. It is an AMOLED touchscreen display, with tempered glass, adding some extra protection. So, this display is made with a little more room. People love it because they can absorb more data for them to look at.

As it is AMOLED, it could sometimes be a bit of a fingerprint magnet, and people can struggle with the content on the screen when they are in the sunlight. That’s not to say that the Honor Band 6 display is not worth it.

The 5ATM water-resistant rating means that the user can jump into a pool of water, or bathe in a shower without worrying about damage to the fitness tracker. Swimmers can get submerged up to 50 meters in depth.

Honor Band 6
Honor Band 6

Pros of Honor Band 6

Beautiful, large display

Good battery power

Encompassing fitness tracking and notification


Cons of Honor Band 6

Sporty look; not everyone likes that

No built-in GPS

Not best for heart rate accuracy in high-intensity exercise

Battery Life

The display is large but that doesn’t mean it sucks out power from the fitness tracker. The battery power is 180 mAh, and that’s a big improvement from its predecessor. If it is under intense use, it can last for about 10 days. If it is under normal use, the usage could increase to 14 days.


While the Honor Band 6 is really good and liked by many people, the Huawei equivalent seems to offer more. But when you compare the features of both fitness trackers and the price they come with, the Honor Band 6 is a choice for those who don’t want to spend much on a fitness tracker but want quality features.

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