How do I change my Shipping Address on eBay?

Mistakes are a part of life, and sometimes they are unavoidable. For instance, you might forget to update the delivery address on eBay after moving to a new place or preferring to receive your package at a different location.

If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t worry. We have taken the time to analyze scenarios that may necessitate changing the shipping address on eBay, and we have compiled some answers for you. Kindly read through to learn more.

How to Change Shipping Address on eBay after Purchase

To modify the shipping address on eBay, a buyer can do so during the checkout process before payment. At this point, the current account address will be displayed, giving the buyer the option to change it to a new or different address. If the desired address is not listed, the buyer can add a new address by filling in all required information. The purchase can only be completed after the correct shipping address has been inputted.

When the buyer follows these steps, the eBay seller is obligated to deliver the item to the checkout address, regardless of the address saved in the buyer’s account. If the seller refuses to ship to the updated address, they would be violating eBay’s policies and could face suspension.

How to Change Shipping Address on eBay

If you want to change your shipping address on eBay, kindly take the time to go through the easy guide steps we have listed below.

Method 1

  • You can edit both primary and secondary addresses.
  • Log in to eBay and visit the Update Shipping Addresses page.
  • Click the Edit Address link next to it to edit the address. Fill out the form and select Ship to This Address to save your changes.

Method 2

  • Adding a secondary address allows you, for example, to occasionally receive some of your items at work.
  • Add a new secondary shipping address by filling out the form under Add a New Address on the Update Shipping Addresses page. Your primary shipping address is the one eBay displays by default during the checkout process and therefore should be the address where you plan on receiving the majority of your items. During the checkout process, however, eBay displays a Change Address link that supports shipments to an alternative address — such as work or a summer house.
  • Select a country, enter your name, address, and phone number and click Add New Address to finish adding your new secondary address.

Method 3

  • Deleting a primary address automatically sets the first secondary shipping address as your new primary address.
  • Click Delete Address next to one of your shipping addresses to delete it from your account.

Method 4

  • Selecting a new primary address turns your existing primary address into a secondary one.
  • Select Make Primary next to one of your secondary shipping addresses to make it the primary address.

How to Change the Delivery Address on eBay After a Purchase?

If you have mistakenly provided the wrong delivery address during the checkout process on eBay, it is important to contact the seller immediately to inform them of the change. Once you have paid for your order, the seller has the right to ship it to the address provided at checkout. However, if the seller has not yet shipped the parcel, they may be able to change the delivery address on eBay. To do this, the seller would need to provide their shipping carrier with the updated shipping details.

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