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How Do I Change Tips On The AirPods Pro

The AirPods upgrade to the Pro version is great news for several Apple owners. However, before you can take complete advantage of the opportunity it presents, you have to ensure they fit properly. If you have been an Apple fan for a while, you’ll most likely know how to get a snug fit from a brand-new pair of AirPods.

But what about those who are newbies when it comes to Apple AirPods? This tutorial will definitely help. The truth is that achieving that proper fit will guarantee a doper sound and the more effective noise cancellation you badly desire. See the answer to your How Do I Change Tips On The AirPods Pro question:

Change Tips On AirPods Pro
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How Can I Change Tips On The AirPods Pro?

Ear Tip Sizing:

Have you purchased any kind of earbuds before? Then you’ll know that the package always comes with various sized ear cushions. Well, that is what you get with AirPods too. Buyers will get 3 ear tip sizes with their AirPods Pro, even if Apple attaches the medium size automatically. This means, as you open the package, you already have the medium tips pre-installed.

Surely, owners can double-check the ear tip size when they take the AirPods out of the package. On the inside, close to the base, an S, M, or L will be seen. Simply unroll the edge to see the ear tip size attached. If you have already used the medium ear tips and you did not like it, just go for the smaller or larger tip.

Changing Ear Tips:

If you are not aware, removing and replacing AirPod tips is not a complicated process at all. See how to go about it:

  • Before anything else, just remove the existing ear tip from your AirPods. To make that happen, simply pinch firmly at the base of the tip and pull.
  • If you are scared to pull too hard, not to worry, no tip will be damaged because they are superbly resilient. Keep pulling till you feel the base detach.
  • After that, it is time to attach your new tips.
  • Get hold of the full part of the ear tip close to the base between your thumb and forefinger. Have it aligned with the connector part of the AirPod. The opening is oval-shaped, therefore you might need to squeeze slightly to get the right shape.
  • Slowly push the ear tip onto the opening for the Airpod. You will be sure it is secure as soon as it clicks into place.

The Ear Tip Test:

Change Tips On AirPods Pro
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Are you certain that you chose the right tip size for your ears? Well, Apple has simplified the process of checking sound quality and noise cancellation with their Ear Tip Test. See how to make it happen:

  • To begin the test, place the AirPods in your ears and grab your iOS device.
  • Head to the “Settings” menu on your iPhone and choose “Bluetooth.”
  • Head down the Bluetooth list until you reach your AirPods. Click on the small blue “I” with the circle around it. It stands for “Information.”
  • Choose “Ear Tip Fit Test” and then tap “Continue” and “Play” when prompted. The test might make suggestions by adjusting the ear tips or trying a new one altogether. Just follow the suggestions and try running the test again and again.

That is that.

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