How to Create a Star for Favorite Contacts on LG G7

How to Create a Star for Favourite Contacts on LG G7

New users of the LG G7 have been raving about this cool feature which lets you create a Star or Favourite option for specific contacts that you deal with often so that you will be able to access their information quickly. There are a few times when we need an address, phone number, email or any other information about a contact quickly. Imaging having to go through your list of hundreds of contacts just to get one specific contact.

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This has been made easier with the alphabetical sorting of contacts. Using Star or Favourites, you will be able to gain quicker access to contacts.

If you are an old Android user, you must have used this option before and these contacts are already appearing at the top of your contact list when you open the Phone app. In this guide, you will also learn how to add more contacts and also remove contacts you no longer want on the list.

How to Create a Star for Favourite Contacts on LG G7

  1. First off, turn on your LG G7.
  2. Next, launch the Phone app and navigate to your contacts.
  3. Tap on the contact you wish to add to favorite or star.
  4. Tap on the star in the red circle.

That is all!

Another way you can add a contact to favorite is to select the name in the contacts list. Go through all of the contact’s information and then look for the star that appears on the top of the screen. When you tap on the star, the contact will be added to your favorites list.

Out of the box, your device will arrange your contacts in alphabetical order. If you want to remove a contact from your favorites list, simply go to the contact’s info page and uncheck the star. You can also remove the contact from your device from that page too.

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