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How to create ammunition in Resident Evil 3 using gunpowder

The Resident Evil series is one of the best zombie survival video games on the market, and the new Resident Evil 3 offers improved gameplay, graphics, deadly weapons, and more. We also shared the steps on how to unlock the classic Jill Valentine costume in Resident Evil 3, and here in this guide, we will share with you how to create ammunition in Resident Evil 3 using gunpowder.

Gunpowder is an object that you will get in the game and using the reload object, and you can create ammunition for your weapons. Even if you get weapons and ammunition in the game, it is quite challenging to use ammunition correctly, as you will not get unlimited ammo or for as long as you play, just like other shooting games. To use your weapon and its ammunition efficiently, you will need to follow some of the following steps.

How to create ammunition in Resident Evil 3 using gunpowder

Using gunpowder, you can easily create the amount of ammo, particular types of grenades, magnum bullets, pistol ammunition, and rifle bullets. To remember, the use of gunpowder A and gunpowder B 8 times will unlock more combinations and other improvements in the game.

There are four types of gunpowder in the Resident Evil 3 edition. For example:

  • Gunpowder
  • Great gunpowder
  • High-quality yellow gunpowder
  • High-quality white gunpowder

These four types of gunpowder can be combined to have an additional amount of ammunition and even more powerful. To be very specific, the ample gunpowder is equal to the standard gunpowder. But double the amount of ammo that is really needed for Resident Evil 3 when there is a pack of zombies ahead of you.

Due to the limited number of ammunition and gunpowder in the game, once you have collected gunpowder and created ammunition or increased the number of ammunition, you really cannot go back to generate ammunition in Resident Evil 3 using gunpowder. Therefore, you will have to use ammunition very carefully, or we could say efficiently.

Handcrafted ammunition recipe in Resident Evil 3

  • Gunpowder + Gunpowder:  Ammunition for pistols
  • Yellow high-quality gunpowder + Yellow high-quality gunpowder:  magnum ammunition
  • Gunpowder + High-quality gunpowder Yellow:  bullets
  • White High-Quality Gunpowder + White High-Quality Gunpowder:  SMG Ammunition
  • Gunpowder + High-quality gunpowder White:  acid shots

Steps to make ammunition

  • Make sure you have at least  2x gunpowder  in your inventory
  • Go to your  inventory  > Make  click with  the  right mouse button  on the  first gunpowder
  • Select  Combine  > Click on the  second gunpowder
  • That’s all. Here’s how you can make ammunition from your inventory

We assume that you found this article useful enough. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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