How To Hide Files In Gionee Phones

Being able to Hide Files in Gionee Phones is something every Gionee users should know how to do. I’ll be showing how to do this in this article on the off-chance that you don’t know how to.

There are some reasons I can think of as to why one might want to hide their files. Some certain videos and pictures on your smartphone might be for your eyes and your eyes only. I fully understand this as privacy is not something to be questioned; You’re allowed to show/share what you feel like Showing/Sharing.

Hide Files in Gionee Phones

It might also be that you don’t want to be looking over a friend’s shoulder when you hand your phone over to them to view a funny picture or video. Whichever reason you might have for wanting to hide your files, we respect that.

Since Android OS don’t come with apps/options to hide files, some phone manufacturer’s have taken it upon themselves to include this much-needed feature, Instead of leaving you at the mercy of numerous third-party apps we have on the Google play store. Samsung has Secure Folder, Infinix Has Xhide etc.

Unfortunately, Gionee is yet to have one which leaves us with no option than to go back to the google play store in search of a third-party app to hide Files.

How To Hide Files In Gionee Phones

Like I said earlier, Gionee Phones don’t have a special way to hide files but Before you head on to download an app from the Google play store there is a universal trick that works on the Android OS I use to hide my files on any Android phone.

This trick is pretty simple to use and most importantly, there is no need for an extra app. All you need is your file manager on your Gionee phone.

  • Launch your File manager App.
  • Create a new folder and name it “Hidden Files” or anything you want and can remember.

  • Inside the Hidden Files Folder, create a new Folder and name it “Pictures”.

  • Now Locate and move all the pictures you would like to hide to the “Pictures” Folder.

  • Do the same for Music, Videos etc.

  • After you’re done moving all the files you want hidden to the respective folders in the “Hidden Files” Folder.

  • Now rename the “Hidden Files” Folder to “.Hidden Folder”

You’ll notice that the folder just vanished. That is because it is now hidden along with everything inside the folder. Photos Inside this folder won’t show up on your gallery, videos in this folder won’t show up in your video player, same with other files in the “Hidden Files” Folder.

To bring back the files, Simply Go to your File Manager and Click on Options(Three dots). Now select “Unhide/Show Hidden Folders” and you will see the “.Hidden Files” Folder. Rename it back to “Hidden Files” from “.Hidden Files” and everything will now visible once again through the gallery, video player etc.


This isn’t the best method out there to hide Files in Gionee Phones as someone with this knowledge might also find out your hidden files but that is highly unlikely. Also, there is no security like Pin, Password or fingerprint verification for this method.

If you do not like this method, you can download apps like Gallery Vault or Keep Safe Photo Vault from the google play store to do the job for you and also offer you better security.

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  1. Hello please how can I stop unwanted deduction of my credit on my sim on my new gionee A1 plus, my credit are automatically deducted for SMS sent to unknown number from my phone… It killing me. Please help


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