How To Know Who Checks You Out On Your Instagram The Most?

Do want to find out if anyone in particular has been going online to check you out? Do you feel someone is stalking you on the gram? Or do you wish to view the posts that is most appropriate for your audience? How about wanting to know who checks you out on Instagram the most? This article will break down how you know your audience and make them happy at all times.

Presently, Instagram has no clear system to identify which user views what and when. Right now, all you do is post, decide on your privacy settings and allow it to be seen or shunned as your audience pleases. It would surely be great to know who checked out what but that can be quite intrusive. Instagram decided to provide both privacy and freedom on the application and it is definitely effective.

Business users on Instagram are aware of the most popular days and times of views but regular users do not have that luxury. It still will not reveal who sees your posts, only your Stories so it is not perfect. I will break down the business angle, but before that, lemme talk about the regular users.


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Who Sees Your Instagram The Most?

Even if you you are unable to officially know who checked out your Instagram the most, there are signs. Some applications will also tell you they can show you who visits your Instagram but its mostly lies.

The single way to view who sees your Instagram is via Stories. If they are are not private, Stories will reveal who saw them. Choose a Story and you will be shown a list of people who saw it. If you are fortunate, the list will be quite lengthy. If you are not lucky, it will be brief.

Rumor has it that whoever is at the top has checked out your Instagram Story the most while anyone at the bottom has checked it out the least. This is a report that has not been confirmed or denied by Instagram though. There are anecdotal proof that regular visitors to an Instagram Story will be shown high in the list of viewers but this is no evidence still.

But, until your Instagram account is converted to a business account, knowing it is pretty difficult.

How Can I Use A Business Account To View Who Sees My Instagram The Most?

Instagram offers some analytic tools to business users to aid them to detect audiences and enhance their company or product. One of things you are able to analyze is viewers and it is a sure way to know who exactly views your Instagram and when it happens.

The disadvantage here is the conversion of your Instagram into a business account.

  1. Access Instagram and select the Menu.
  2.  Access Options and Switch to Business Profile.
  3. Ensure your Facebook Business Page is added when you are asked to, for verification purposes.
  4. Include your business email or phone no when you are asked to.

Verification of your business before switching your account may or may not happen. They might check it and decide to allow a switch if you possess a business email. Those that have done the switch have either complained or applauded it. Some said their account got changed suddenly while others revealed that they got an email informing them that the switch was successful.

Hold on for about a week for day to pile up inside your Instagram account. Then:

  1. Check out the top of your IG profile at the views counter.
  2. Tap that counter to check out when the persons visited.
  3. Choose Insights and Audience.
  4. Check out Followers to confirm the exact time of the day most people viewed your Instagram.
  5. Select one of the posts you shared after conversion to a business account.
  6. Ensure the little bookmark icon is checked to view how many people captured a screenshot of it.


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How Can I Use 3rd Party Apps To Confirm Who Views My Instagram The Most?

There are some applications that will inform you about who viewed your IG account. Apps like Reports+ For Instagram, Social Track and Social Fans e.t.c. will reveal who sees your Instagram the most. Reports have it that these applications are not dependable so it is at your risk when you use it.

Also, some 3rd-party applications will require Instagram login instead of only linking your account. Linking lets 3rd-party applications gain access to some datapoints from your account. Some others ask you for your password to grant it access to the same data. It is advisable to not bulge when it comes to revealing your Instagram password.

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