How Do I Forward Business Calls To My Cell Phone?

Are you always moving? Then you of all people will know that it is not possible to pick every business call from your place of work. To ensure you do not miss vital phonecalls, it is actually possible to forward them to your cell phone.

There are lots of ways to redirect every business call, but it depends on your provider and the kind of service you require. In this tutorial, i will break down some simple methods to get this done.

What Exactly Is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is simply the re-direction of an incoming phonecall to a different destination. This destination could be any phone that has a phone no- a normal landline device, a mobile phone, a fax machine, answering machine, voicemail and so on.

What we are focusing on here is forwarding calls from your business phone, which is mostly a landline, to your cell phone. A normal re-direction code from your service provider can be used. But when it comes to business, it is preferable to select a call forwarding service.


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What Is Regular Forwarding?

Do you own a landline at your office? It is very possible to activate basic call forwarding when you are not in the organization.

This can be done by using a simple enabling and disabling code. Because not every provider makes use of the same code, you need to confirm with your provider before anything else. If your provider makes use of the most popular code, you can adhere to the instructions below:

  1. On your business mobile device (landline), dial “*72”. Hold on for a tone. It might be a confirmation tone or ringing.
  2. If ringing is heard, ensure you hold on till someone or an answering machine picks, and then continue to adhere to their command. But if a confirmation tone is heard, type in the 10-digit number of the cell phone you intend to re-direct your calls with.
  3. Press “#” for confirmation. At times, a signal will be heard for confirmation that you have activated forwarding.

To no longer forward calls when you change your mind, simply dial “*73” from your business mobile device.

If it fails to work, confirm with your carrier as per the forwarding code. At times, the methods are quite different.

Basic forwarding comes with a disadvantage though. You need to manually enable and disable when you exit your place of work and when you step into it. Plus, re-direction of your phonecalls can only be done after the first dial and only to a single device.

It is evident that more needs to be done for lots of business men and women. So if you desire additional features and options, you can go for a call forwarding service.


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How Can I Use A Call Forwarding Service?

A great call forwarding service can aid the flexibility of your communication. Ads can be played as your clients are placed on-hold, the call can also be forwarded to various phones simultaneously e.t.c.

There are lots of call forwarding services to select from, and they provide several features. Here are some of the most appropriate options.

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a very versatile call forwarding service. You will be given a custom toll-free or local number, and after that, you can select the plan you desire.

Numbers can be created in several area codes, if you wish for your calls to appear local. The calls you receive can be forwarded to a single phone as well. Plus, incoming calls can be re-directed to lots of phone nos at several times during the day. You also get to change schedules and decide on when and where you intend to receive your calls. You will even be able to record greetings or advertisements and have them played as your clients wait.

2. TalkRoute

With the Talkroute service, you get to pick an unrestricted number of calls. It aids the creation of more lines, which will last for as long as you want. Re-direction of calls to ten different phone numbers can be done plus you are able to add custom message you will play to customers on the phone as they hold on. You also get to keep your personal phone number, plus it functions with every device or provider.

3. MightyCall

Mightycall is a virtual phone system with amazing sound quality. There is a reduced delay as you call and this service gets rid of noise and static. If you do not pick up your phone, MightyCall will re-direct the customer to your voicemail. After that, the voicemail will be transcribed and sent straight to your email, for you to read when you want. The software will also aid the conversion of these messages to tasks in your project managing application. Meaning, your team can view the message, comment on them or proceed with all important tasks.

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